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There’s nothing that feels quite as fresh as a new manicure—especially during the beginning of spring when brighter shades of polish start to make an appearance. After months of deep shades that matched the drab days of winter, the right of passage that is a new season’s manicure is just what we need as the weather starts to warm up in the spring. From shades of greens that remind us of what the grass looks like under all that snow to soft yellows that are inspired by fresh daisies and sunshine, spring nail colors are here to help us celebrate warmer days ahead. Kiss dreary winter tones goodbye, and say hello to spring 2024’s full lineup of bright and pastel tones, plus a few unexpected additions.

1. Milky Lavender

Source: @gel.bymegan

Lavender is a traditional pastel that comes back each spring, but this year, it’s looking a little bit more milky, which we love. This soft shade is the perfect color to transition out of more muted winter polishes.

2. Mint Green

spring nails teg 2024
Source: @polishedby.chloe

Last year, we saw citrus green take the stage, but in 2024, the shade of green we are seeing everywhere is a bit creamier. Mint green is eye-catching without feeling “in your face,” which is why it is one of our top picks.

3. Sheer

spring nails teg 2024 2
Source: @matejanova

The clean-girl aesthetic is still going strong, and this barely-there yet polished manicure is just what you need to round out the look this spring. While it’s not one of the spring nail colors you would anticipate, it’s equally as fresh.

4. Apricot

spring nails teg 2024 3
Source: @themaniclub

Tangerine made a statement last year, but we’re loving a softer apricot version for 2024 even more. It gives “juicy and bright” instead of “traffic cone,” and that’s why we love it.

5. Stormy Grey

spring nails teg 2024 11
Source: @matejanova

Seconds after we saw that Hailey Bieber was sporting a stormy shade of grey on her nails, we knew it had to be on our spring nail color bucket list. If anyone knows how to set a nail trend, it’s her, so you’ll be seeing this color all over this spring.

6. Raspberry

spring nails teg 2024 4
Source: @lolo.nailedit

Pink will never go out of style, especially on the nails, but this deeper raspberry-esque version is the cool-girl way to wear it this spring. This fun shade is a welcomed change from classic pink but it is just as bold and will go with any bathing suit you pack for vacation.

7. Classic Red

spring nails teg 2024 8
Source: @themaniclub

The red nail theory isn’t slowing down anytime soon. In fact, it might even become more popular come spring break season. TikTok theories aside, we love a classic shade of red for its versatility—meaning, it will look just as good with your brunch outfit as it will with your LBD for a dinner date.

8. Creamy Blue

spring nails teg 2024 5
Source: @lolo.nailedit

Blue skies are ahead, and this more muted blue is what we are wearing to welcome it with open arms. With a hint of grey, it feels more muted than the bright blues we’ve seen in seasons past, so we approve if you’re considering it as a neutral this season.

9. Milky White

spring nails teg 2024 6
Source: @gel.bymegan

If fresh linens could be a nail color, it would be this crisp, creamy white. Equally trendy and classic this year and last, we are not slowing down with this shade of white. If you want an even cleaner look, opt for a brighter white.

10. Pale Yellow

spring nails teg 2024 7
Source: @themaniclub

We can’t decide what this shade reminds us of more: a lemon loaf with icing, peeps at Easter, or a sunny day at the beginning of the season. Either way, it’s a must-wear shade this spring.

11. Ballet Pink

spring nails teg 2024 9
Source: @polishedby.chloe

Whether you’re loving the balletcore trend happening as we speak or you’re a classic pink girl no matter the time of the year, know that a light shade of pink will keep you on-trend during spring 2024.

12. Soft Shimmer

spring nails teg 2024 13
Source: @gel.bymegan

If you can’t decide between milky lavender and Hailey Bieber’s stormy grey, might we suggest something in the middle? Add a little shimmer, and you’ve got yourself the perfect mani.

13. Lilac

spring nails teg 2024 12
Source: @matejanova

Is it purple? Is it pink? Who cares. This lilac shade has us swooning. It feels like a bright spring day and a fresh bouquet of flowers, and because of that, we have to include it on this list.

14. Pastel Skittles

spring nails teg 2024 14
Source: @gelsbybry

Why choose just one pastel shade when you could have them all? Take advantage of the colors of the season by adorning your nails with Robin’s egg blue, barbie pink, buttercream yellow, key lime pie, and soft purple.

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