2024 Ford F-150 debuts updated Blue Oval emblem

On recent spy shots of the 2024 Ford F-150, those with a deep interest in the pickup noticed one of the changes to the front fascia included a revised Blue Oval emblem. When the production 2024 F-150 debuted in Detroit this week, the production version of the new badge came with it. A senior Ford designer confirmed to Car and Driver that the Blue Oval has been updated. In the image above, the old badge on the left comes from a 2023 F-150 for sale at a dealership, the new one on the right comes from Ford’s press materials and appears on the 2024 F-150 STX trim. Since the badges come from two different sources, we can’t be sure about the color differences. A few things are clear, though. The new badge is less contoured, with a flatter face. Instead of the oval being double outlined with a thick outer ring and a thin inner ring, there’s a single contour line just inside the edge. The Ford script grows to fill the extra room on the emblem, that script also flatter. And the logo is done in blue and white instead of the old blue and chrome.

Perusing the history of the Blue Oval badge shows the new unit to be a remix of what’s come before. It’s a near copy of the badge Ford unveiled in 1965 and used until 1976, the 1965 version drawing a clear line to the badge introduced in 1927 that was a less pronounced oval. The 1976 version has effectively been in use until today. Designers made official revisions in 2003 with the Centennial Blue Oval in honor of the company’s 100 years, and again in 2017, but the badge that’s adorned the vehicles is basically the 1976 variant. 

No doubt the updated corporate identity will roll out across the lineup as new and facelifted models are introduced. A refreshed European-market Ford Kuga prototype, our departing Ford Escape, has been captured in spy shots wearing the same badge as on the 2024 F-150. 

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