2024 VW ID.4 gets more power, better infotainment

MUNICH — Though it doesn’t look like it from the outside, the 2024 VW ID.4 has received a major update. It gets quite a bit more power, and perhaps more importantly, the infotainment has been majorly reworked to try to fix it. And having experienced it this weekend, we can confirm that it’s way better. Though there’s a significant caveat.

Before diving into the infotainment, we’ll first go over the powertrain upgrades. The battery options are carryover, with the rear-wheel-drive model being available with either a 62-kWh or 82-kWh battery pack, while the all-wheel-drive version gets just the 82-kWh option. But power is increased substantially thanks to new motors that are taken from the upcoming ID.7. The biggest increase is with the rear-drive ID.4, which goes from 201 horsepower to 282. The all-wheel-drive version goes from 295 to about 330 horsepower. VW is still finalizing some powertrain details, hence the approximate rating for the all-wheel-drive ID.4 and a lack of torque numbers. It’s also the reason that we don’t have range estimates yet, but VW says that range should increase with the 2024 model year. We did get to briefly sample the rear-drive ID.4, and it’s spunky, though it won’t blow you away.

The infotainment might, assuming you’ve tried the old version. The software has been completely redone, and it comes from the ID.7, so the improvements are across the board. It’s highly customizable, with multiple pages and layouts that can display your preferred applications and information. At the top and bottom are fixed function bars. The lower is a dedicated climate menu that’s always accessible, and can have specific shortcuts added to it. The top bar is customizable for shortcuts to your preferred apps and menus. We’re pleased to report that the system is finally quick and responsive. No delays or stuttering when tapping or swiping, and almost no waiting for apps to come up. It’s a massive improvement. Furthermore, there’s a bigger 12.9-inch display available with illuminated slider touch buttons. Imagine that, using climate controls at night!

Now for that caveat we mentioned. You only get these infotainment upgrades if you get an ID.4 with the 82-kWh battery. So if you choose one of the cheaper 62-kWh models, you get to deal with the miserable current infotainment system, down to the sliders without lighting. It’s disappointing for budget buyers, and as such we would strongly recommend stretching to the 82-kWh models.

The updated 2024 ID.4s will be rolling out soon. Production is slated for the end of the year at VW’s Chattanooga, Tenn., plant, so it will continue to be eligible for full federal tax credits. Expect more details on range and pricing, among other things, in the coming months.

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