40 Gifts for the Friend Who’s in Their Taylor Swift Era

At this point, it’s undeniable: Taylor Swift continues to hold her status as the ultimate pop star year after year, and she’s not slowing down anytime soon. Between a record-breaking world tour, album re-releases, a new album, and a sports romance that basically broke the internet, it’s impossible to ignore Taylor Swift, and for good reason. Here at The Everygirl, we’re unashamed of our Swiftie status, and we’ll be wearing our Taylor Swift merch year round—because as her track record prevails, we can’t even imagine how amazing the rest of the year is going to be for Taylor Swift fans.

Whether it’s for a birthday or upcoming holiday, there’s no better time to get the Swiftie in your life a Taylor Swift-themed gift to celebrate. Plus, we all know by now that Taylor Swift has been essentially holding up the U.S. economy, so…consider shopping for these Swiftie gifts as a way of supporting the biggest girlboss any of us know. Here are 40 Taylor Swift gifts that the Swiftie in your life will totally swoon over.

Etsy | RusticCountryJS

If the Taylor Swift fan in your life didn’t get her hands on Eras Tour merch, never fear: This crewneck will make up for it.

taylor swift gifts

Amazon | Taylor Swift

Whether they own a record player or not, this double vinyl edition of TTPD is a fantastic collectible. Any Swiftie in your life will be jumping with joy for this one.

taylor swift gifts teg 2

Casual Comfort Sandals

“Meet Me At Midnight” takes on a whole new, cozier meaning with these luxurious slippers that are perfect for wearing around the house.

taylor swift gifts teg 1

Awe Inspired

Taylor Swift herself wore this necklace, so you know it’s going to be instantly beloved by the Swiftie in your life.

taylor swift gifts

Etsy | HamlinRowShop

Only let people into your home who you know have great taste. This handcrafted doormat is available in three sizes, so your Swiftie friends can place one at every entrance to their home.

taylor swift gifts

Etsy | CraftedbyMerryAnn

This baby blue embroidered cap is perfect to throw on with any outfit, so the Swiftie in your life is sure to get lots of use out of it. 

taylor swift gifts

Etsy | embroiderychice

The perfect t-shirt doesn’t exist…oh wait, except for this adorable “1989” tee that comes in a ton of different colors.

taylor swift gifts

Etsy | EReidCrafts

This glass mug is almost too relatable. And because of that, we think everyone should have one. 

taylor swift gifts

Etsy | MilestoneMarvels

Lighting a candle and playing some Taylor Swift? Sounds like an evening well spent. This cheeky candle comes in ten different scent options.

taylor swift gifts teg 9

Etsy | HEERAAdesigns

For the Taylor Swift fan who can’t seem to stop writing lyrics of her own, this “Long Live” journal will inspire her to record all of her favorite memories.

new romantics crewneck the everygirl

Etsy | ShopEddieLane

For the girl who could belt every single word of the New Romantics before Taylor’s Version came out, this sweatshirt is basically an essential this holiday season.

taylor swift gifts

Etsy | TinkerBotStudios

With this license plate cover, the whole road will know that they’re behind a Taylor Swift fan.

taylor swift gifts

Etsy | HandmadebyCharlottex

There’s nothing more important to completing an outfit than accessories, and these Eras Tour necklaces add just the right amount of intrigue. Choose their favorite era, or grab them all to be layered or changed out day to day.

taylor swift gifts

Etsy | Natalyams

If “Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me” is your Swiftie’s favorite track as of late, this comfy t-shirt will become a staple in their wardrobe.

taylor swift gifts

Etsy | hausofmoods

If your Swiftie is looking to add some more decor to their walls, this black and white poster is a great addition that goes with any color scheme. Or maybe it’s the first step in creating a T Swift gallery wall…



If they also have a google alert for anything Taylor and Travis related, gift them a New Heights hat so they can copy Taylor’s off-duty look *as seen* at Coachella.

taylor swift gifts teg 1 1

Etsy | GoldThreadCandleCo

For a more subtle Taylor reference, look no further than this “Love you to the moon and Saturn” necklace, in reference to “seven,” of course.

taylor swift gifts teg 7

Etsy | PrintClubShop

There are tons of Taylor Swift-themed posters out there, but this hot pink “Cruel Summer” version is our absolute favorite.

taylor swift gifts

Etsy | DigitalBoutiqueUA

Some of the best advice in the world comes straight from the lyrics of Taylor Swift’s songs, which is why this poster will make for such a meaningful gift.

taylor swift gifts

MakerPlace | InkCraftedStudio

For all my Stanley lovers out there, this tumbler comes in tons of different colors and multiple sizes, and is great for a Swiftie looking for a new reusable cup.

taylor swift gifts

Taylor Swift

For the Swiftie who can’t stop playing 2024’s updated version of Love Story.

taylor swift gifts the everygirl 24

Etsy | GoldenThreadCandleCo

This subtle hint to “Hits Different” is super cute on this dad cap, which has a washed-out, vintage feel for the cool girl Swiftie in your life.

taylor swift gifts teg 4 1

Marie Rings Jewelry

True Taylor Swift lovers will instantly get the reference to 1989 (Taylor’s Version) with this cute handcrafted 14k gold plated necklace.

taylor swift gifts

Etsy | MouseWorksMarket

This Female Rage tee can be worn as a nod to Taylor’s newest addition to the Eras Tour or a post-heartbreak grief warning.

taylor swift beach towel

Etsy | ArsCustomDesign

If your Swiftie loves the beach, this towel is the best gift to lay out and soak up the sun. Even better, it can be customized to a different size or color too.

taylor swift gifts

Etsy | CrystalBarSoap

These bath salts come in different scents for each Taylor Swift album, but our personal favorite is this Cruel Summer-inspired one.

taylor swift gifts teg 13

E Kelley Design

Any Taylor Swift fan who is also a big bookworm will obsess over these album flowers, arranged on a bookmark for a great read.

taylor swift gifts

Etsy | EverydayCalligraphy

Here comes the bride! This ring dish is perfect for the newly engaged Swiftie to hold her new bling.

taylor swift gifts

Etsy | FromCodingToCrafting

These customizable makeup bags are great to carry all your necessities and everyday products.

taylor swift gifts

Etsy | SweetNSaltyBathShop

These bath bombs are calling for a Swiftie self-care night—pair it with the Smells Like Tswift candle for the ultimate pampering sesh.

taylor swift gifts teg 15

Jordan Bolton

This stunning floral wall print features painted flowers that each represent a song on “Folklore,” making for a gorgeous bouquet.

taylor swift gifts

Etsy | JonesStreetPress

Snag this notepad if you’re looking to add a personal touch to their workspace.

taylor swift gifts

Etsy | AlignedWithAlex

What better to gift a music lover than headphone accessories? This airpod case cover is perfect to add a little TSwift into everyday life.

taylor swift gifts teg 11

Taylor Swift

If she stayed up until midnight to listen to the release of 1989 (Taylor’s Version), she’ll treasure a vinyl version of the album.

taylor swift gifts

Taylor Swift

The perfect crewneck for your friend who hasn’t stopped playing this song since TTPD was released. Truly, if you haven’t belted this line at least 20 times, what have you been doing?

taylor swift friendship bracelets

Etsy | RockTheBead

Whether they’ve got a concert lined up or not, these Swiftie friendship bracelets will save both of you the hassle of gathering all the supplies to make them yourselves. They’re also super customizable, so they are still unique and one-of-a-kind.

taylor swift gifts teg 3 1

Etsy | OVACalculated

Help, we’re still at the restaurant! We love this boxy baby tee inspired by “Right Where You Left Me,” which is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to subtly reference Taylor with their outfit.

taylor swift gifts teg 14

Etsy | peppermintpace

We may never walk Cornelia Street again, but we’re obsessed with this gorgeous watercolor that’s perfect to adorn the wall of any Swiftie.

taylor swift gifts

Etsy | PhoenixTeees

This TTPD crewneck has tons of colors to choose from and makes the perfect companion for binging Netflix or listening to Taylor Swift albums on repeat.

taylor swift gifts teg 7 1

Etsy | SwiftPrinties

Football season will be here before you know it. And if she’s as obsessed with the Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce romance as we are, she’ll love this Taylor’s Version NFL sweatshirt to remind everyone what football is really about.

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