6 Sneaky Places to Store Things If You’re Maxed Out on Closet Space

I am no stranger to small apartments. In fact, I’ve lived in several tiny rentals over the past few years, which means I’ve encountered my fair share of storage issues. Fortunately, adversity breeds innovation, so I’ve adapted by learning *a lot* of storage hacks that help me make up for my virtually nonexistent closet space. Plus, I watched both seasons of Get Organized with The Home Edit, so I’m practically a pro.

Whether your apartment literally has zero closets (been there) or you’ve exhausted what little closet space you have, it’s time to get creative. Things like linens, household supplies, and clothing aren’t going to store themselves, so you’re going to have to look beyond traditional storage areas to keep your small space organized. Here are my favorite tried-and-true storage hacks that go beyond shoving stuff in a closet.

1. Add side tables with drawers

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You probably need a side table in your bedroom or living room anyway, so you might as well choose one that has a few drawers for storage. In my opinion, the best items to store inside bedside tables are socks, bras, and underwear. In the living room, store books, charging cords, remotes, and random knick-knacks you can’t bring yourself to part with. These will help keep clutter to a minimum, and we love that.

2. Store bins under your bed

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One of the best places to store things you don’t need all the time is under the bed. I store all of my seasonal clothing in rolling bins under my bed, and it’s been a total game-changer for me. At the beginning of each season, all you have to do is roll out the bin and swap out the clothes in your dresser with what you need for the new season. This is functional and makes you feel like you have a fresh wardrobe every time. Win, win!

3. Use a clothing rack

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Not only are clothing racks aesthetic and fun to style, but they are also incredibly convenient. I recommend choosing a clothing rack that also has some shelves so you can keep folded clothing and shoes on it as well. Thankfully, you can get a clothing rack almost anywhere, and there are options for every budget.

4. Add a storage bench or ottoman

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Not only do storage benches and ottomans look nice from a design standpoint, but they also add additional seating and, you guessed it, a place to store things. Benches and ottomans are great for stashing extra blankets, sheets, and pillows as well as books and games. I recommend adding a storage bench to the end of your bed and using an ottoman in your living room in place of a coffee table to maximize your storage options.

5. Make the most of cabinet space

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Built-in cabinets are a luxury in small apartments, so you’ve gotta make the most of what you have. The best way to do this is by adding some organizers. Clear bins, drawers, and over-the-door racks will help you maximize your storage space, especially in places like your bathroom or your kitchen.

6. Hide shoes in a cabinet

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Adding a shoe cabinet to your entryway is one of the ultimate storage hacks. It will clean up your space instantly, keep your shoes organized, and, ultimately, save your sanity. There is nothing worse than walking into your front door when you’re juggling one-trip groceries and tripping over your shoes (been there, done that). Do yourself a favor and invest in a shoe cabinet to keep them tucked away.

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