Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale supercar revealed with gas and EV versions, gorgeous either way

This gorgeous red supercar is the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale. The name “33” has several references, the first being to the design, as this new 33 Stradale borrows from the famous Tipo 33. Secondly, Alfa is only producing 33 examples of this supercar, and all of them are already sold.

The powertrain strategy for the 33 Stradale is perhaps the most interesting part of it, as buyers can choose between a twin-turbo V6 and a fully electric version. Alfa’s gas-powered 33 Stradale produces 620 horsepower, is shifted via an eight-speed automatic dual-clutch gearbox and puts its power down exclusively to the rear wheels via an electronic limited-slip differential. Its top speed is 206 mph, and the 0-62 mph time is “less than three seconds.”

The battery-electric 33 Stradale produces “more than 750 horsepower” and goes 0-62 mph in under 2.5 seconds, but Alfa isn’t saying much else about the powertrain. We presume it will be all-wheel drive due to multiple electric motors being necessary. Range is currently estimated at 280 miles on the optimistic WLTP test cycle.

While Alfa didn’t specify that the 33 Stradale shares its powertrains with the Maserati MC20, its numbers for both the gas-powered and electric versions suggest it does on both accounts. The platform is a combination aluminum H-frame and carbon fiber monocoque, and the roof is engineered with the same materials, supporting the butterfly doors. A front-axle lift system comes standard, and you also get a drive mode selector to choose between Strada (road) and Pista (track). Launch control is activated via a “Quadrifoglio” button. Big Brembo carbon ceramic brakes do the stopping, with six-piston calipers in front and four-piston units in the rear.

While there may be a lot that appears shared with the MC20, its design is pure Alfa Romeo. Its interior is just as impressive as the beautiful exterior, too. The controls in the center stack are all about physical engagement, as they feature the most beautiful design that just makes us want to turn, twist and toggle them. Above that rests a widescreen touch display powered by Uconnect5 in a similar layout as the MC20. The cluster features a “3D telescope display,” which Alfa claims is the first of its kind. Plus, the steering wheel purposefully doesn’t have a single button on it for maximum driving enjoyment.

Alfa Romeo says the 33 Stradale is usable as both a track car and a road car, and F1 driver Valterri Bottas will support the car’s final tuning at the Balocco Proving Ground in Italy. All 33 of the 33 Stradales will be custom-designed by their owners via a new program that Alfa calls The Bottega. Customers have worked with designers since last year to help develop their cars’ look, though Alfa says each design had to be approved by the “33 Committee.” The customer even gets to choose a specific VIN code for their car. We don’t know how much the 33 Stradale will cost, but you can bet the figure is a high one considering its exclusivity and customizability.

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