Audi Q6 E-Tron interior shows off big screens

The slow reveal of the Audi Q6 E-Tron electric SUV continues. We’ve actually driven it, but only now are we allowed to see and share the Q6’s interior. It’s a clear evolution of current Audi interior design with some fancy new features.

The general design continues with Audi’s preference for crisp lines and angles for the various interior panels, with a smattering of contrasting materials and colors such as fabrics and wood among other trims to keep it from being too grim and dark. But a notable change to the look is the adoption of the popular screen monolith atop the dash. An instrument screen measuring 11.9 inches and a 14.5-inch infotainment screen are part of a single curved unit. There are no cowls covering it, and the infotainment screen incorporates climate functions, eliminating the lower screen many current Audis use. The front passenger now gets their own 10.9 inch screen that can be used for entertainment or even punching in navigation information. In the center console, Audi has employed a much more compact electronic shifter, which makes more space for storage and beverages.

Behind the instrument panel is an advanced head-up display. It’s been designed to display information at different “depths.” This is for a more convincing augmented reality display in which items shown can appear to be as far ahead as 656 feet; basically it won’t appear clear until your eyes focus on it, and objects in reality at that same distance will also be in focus.

Other interior features include the ambient lighting that does more than just decorate the interior. It has a variety of animations to communicate locking doors or show that the turn signals are on and operating. A optional Bang and Olufsen sound system features 22 speakers and 830 watts of power. And for your cargo, there’s 18.6 cubic feet of space behind the rear seats, 54 when they’re folded and an extra 2.3 cubic feet of space under the hood.

As previously mentioned, we’re expecting the Q6 E-Tron to go on sale next year. It’s based on the PPE platform that will also underpin the new electric Porsche Macan. It will be the first Audi to use the platform.

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