Boeing declines to predict 2024 results amid 737 Max 9 uncertainty

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Boeing has declined to offer its 2024 predictions amid the uncertainty and fallout from the 737 Max 9 grounding after a door panel blew off a flight earlier this month.

“While we often use this time of year to share our update our financial and operational objectives, now is not the time for that,” CEO David Calhoun said in a message to employees on Tuesday.

“We will simply focus on ever next airplane while doing everything possible to support our customers, follow the lead of our regulator and ensure the highest standard of safety and quality in all that we do,” he added.

Calhoun reiterated his promise that the company will work with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), as they both continue to deal with the effects of the Jan. 5 incident, when an Alaska Airlines plane lost part of its door panel mid-flight.

The FAA ordered a grounding of nearly 200 Boeing Max 9 aircraft to complete inspections. United and Alaska Airlines, the two customers of Boeing that have a Max 9 fleet, have each separately reported issues with the door plugs.

Last week, the United CEO said he is disappointed in Boeing’s problems and will consider new options. The CEO of Alaska Airlines said he is angry and demanded that the aircraft manufacturer ensures planes comply with safety regulations.

Boeing also recently withdrew its request for a safety exemption required for a new model of a 737 Max 7 aircraft. It had asked the FAA to approve the plane even though it did not meet a safety standard.

The aviation company narrowed its fourth-quarter loss to $30 million and increased production, meaning the loss was smaller than expected, but impacts from the start of the year have yet to be public.

A year prior, Boeing has a loss of $663 million. Revenue rose 10 percent to $22.02 billion, topping predictions. The company said it hit its target at the end of the year of producing 38 737s a month, The Associated Press reported.

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