Bows Are 2024’s Favorite Accessory: Here’s How to Tie This Trend Into Your Home

As a former sorority girl who went to college in the South during the 2010s, I’m no stranger to bows. We wore them loud and proud in our hair and on our clothing and slapped them on all sorts of DIY projects. That may have been 10 years ago, but as they say, all trends come back around eventually. Fast forward to last year when designers Sandy Liang and Simone Rocha debuted their fall 2023 collections at New York Fashion Week with one theme in common: bows. Soon afterward, TikTok became full of videos tagged with #coquetteaesthetic, AKA a romantic, feminine style à la Bridgerton. Think baby doll dresses, pastel colors, lots of lace, and delicate bows tied in your hair.

It’s not just fashion included in this trend, though. Bow home decor is having its moment, too. During the holiday season, it was hard not to scroll through social media and see images of bows tied around Christmas trees, candlesticks, ornaments, artwork, and more. But even though the holidays have passed, the coquette aesthetic is still going strong. If you’re interested in trying out the trend for yourself, keep scrolling for suggestions on how to incorporate bow home decor into your space. No trip to the ribbon aisle of the craft store required.

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Decor & Accessories

Some may argue that a bow is an accessory itself, but this trend takes it a step further. In keeping with the delicate, feminine vibes of the coquette aesthetic, add small touches throughout your home with these bow-adorned decor pieces.

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Linens & Pillows

Embrace your feminine energy and create the bedroom of your dreams with blankets, pillows, and curtains all adorned with bow accents.

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Whether it’s a plush bath mat or a large area rug, a patterned rug adds not only visual interest to a space but it also cozies up otherwise cold, bare floors.

Wallpaper & Artwork

If you’re looking to really lean into the coquette trend, consider using wallpaper or wall art to make a bold statement with bows. The best part is peel-and-stick wallpaper or art prints are easy to change out when trends shift.

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