Chiefs punter tried to put on a helmet, after forgetting he was already wearing a helmet

Everyone is still getting used to football being back — even the players. This means getting back into the swing of seeing live fire, adapting to new personnel, and even forgetting how many helmets you’re supposed to wear.

Chiefs’ punter Tommy Townsend got a little confused after field goal attempt in the season opener vs. the Lions. He saw a helmet laying on the ground in his general vicinity, assumed his had come off, and tried to put it on. Only problem was he was already wearing a helmet.

Maybe Townsend was trying to play chess when the rest of us are playing checkers. You never know. If you look in the NFL rulebook there’s actually not a rule about wearing multiple helmets. Conceivably you could wear 100 helmets at once, if it didn’t snap your neck like a twig when the tower came crashing down.

Two helmets feels like a good sweet spot where you could be a human battering ram. Maybe that was the plan? If it was, I don’t quite get it, because this was just a field goal anyway.

Keep living your double helmet dreams, Tommy.

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