Dan Marino offers a reminder that returning to the Super Bowl is not a guarantee

Sunday is going to see one of two big-time narratives emerge.

Either Patrick Mahomes is going to be the first quarterback to win the Super Bowl three times since Tom Brady or Brock Purdy is going to light the insane discourse that already surrounds him on an entirely different kind of fire.

This isn’t meant to advocate for one or the other, but in the Mahomes of everything we often tend to overlook how early in his career Brock Purdy has reached the Super Bowl with his team. In circumstances like this the assumption is that someone like him, especially with the team that surrounds him, will be back at least once more. Maybe even multiple times.

We sat down with HOF quarterback Dan Marino on my radio show at 94.1 San Antonio’s Sports Star on Radio Row in Las Vegas and he spoke to this overall phenomenon. Marino famously reached the Super Bowl in his second season (he lost to the San Francisco 49ers) and said he thought he’d be back over and over and over again. He never did return.

No future success is promised in sports which is what makes the Super Bowl such a precious thing. There is a reason that the win comes with an amazing trophy and rings for all involved.

On the subject of rings, Dan and some other people are leaning into the fact that they did not get to experience the highest point of success in their particular professions by way of a new commercial with M&Ms. Dan, Terrell Owens and Bruce Smith (who each never won the Super Bowl) joined up with Scarlett Johansson for a commercial promoting a custom 14K gold ring featuring real lab-made diamonds made from M&M’S Peanut Butter, a product that consumers say gives them comfort.


Their commercial will run on Super Bowl Sunday, but you can watch it below.

I’m not trying to brag, but Dan did bring peanut butter M&Ms when he joined us for the interview. It ruled.

Our thanks to Dan Marino and to M&Ms for the time.

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