Ettore Sottsass protégé Sergio Mannino brands bold, new-concept Philadelphia pharmacy Angel Care

Run-of-the-mill pharmacies tend to be sterile environments with white metal shelving and fluorescent lighting. Large chain and independent operators alike emphasize efficiency, safety—and hopefully, hygiene—rather than decor. For healthcare entrepreneur Olivia Tchanque, spurning decor is a missed opportunity. Opening new-concept pharmacy Angel Care in the northeastern Philadelphia suburb of Cheltenham offered her a chance to shake things up a bit and implement design as an equally vital—even healing—component. Her community has been particularly affected by the opioid crisis and Tchanque sought to create an exuberant space that could serve as a mollifying force destigmatizing and elevating recovery.

She called on Italy-born, Brooklyn-based talent Sergio Mannino, one of famed designer Ettore Sotsass’s last assistants, to outfit the space with a sophisticated yet playful aesthetic. He implemented a scheme that incorporates clean geometries, nuanced textures, and simplicity. His all-encompassing intervention carried over from the interior design to the independent pharmacy’s branding. Straightforward shapes were carefully layered to help establish a sense of calmness, inclusion, and positivity.


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