Evening Report — Government shutdown averted after House OKs temporary deal

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The House, torn over its narrow Republican leadership, has decided to avert a shutdown this week.

But the reprieve may be short-lived. 


The legislation — which cleared the chamber in a 320-99 vote — kicks the two government funding deadlines to March 8 and March 22, buying lawmakers more time to hash out their differences on spending bills and push them over the finish line.

The short-term funding bill is heading to the Senate one day before Friday’s funding deadline.


This was the fourth stopgap approved under this Congress and the third under Johnson’s leadership.


But not all is calm on the legislative front…

Six appropriations bills due next week seem to be in the clear, but there are disagreements on other measures.

“Clearly the second group of bills could be difficult and problematic, especially as Republicans in the House continue to insist on policy riders that erode women’s reproductive freedom,” Rep. Pete Aguilar (Calif.), chair of the Democratic Caucus, said shortly before the vote.

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