Excessive use of social media is linked to depression

Research has shown that people who use social media regularly are more likely than others to experience depression within six months. This is regardless of their personality type.

According to the University of Arkansas’ study, social media can hurt young adults’ mental health.

The study’s authors stated that “previous research has connected the development of depression to many factors.” However, there has not been much research on the interaction between social media and depression. These important research questions were addressed by this new study, which found strong linear associations between depression and all personality traits.

Study results showed that more agreeable people were 49% less likely than those with lower agreeability to develop depression. When they used more than 300 minutes per day of social media, those with high neuroticism were twice the likely to suffer from depression than those who had low neuroticism.

But, depression was strongly linked to every personality trait.

According to the study, social media dependency can lead to excessive comparisons with those who are seemingly more fortunate than you.

This study reviewed research from another study that looked at people aged 18-30.

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