Glenn Youngkin defends Arizona election denier Kari lake

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin, Virginia Governor.

Youngkin stated, “To push forward in the Republican Party,”

Youngkin, who was elected governor of blue-trending Virginia last January, said, “What I found in Virginia is that we could combine ‘Forever Trumpers’ and ‘Never Trumpers’ as well as libertarians, tea party members, and, of course, lots of independents with lots of Democrats.” “And I believe that the Republican Party must be a party that is not shunned or excluded people since we don’t all agree on everything.”

Youngkin stated that Arizona needs a Republican governor who will lower taxes, support school choice, and bring businesses into the economy to create opportunities.

Lake won the GOP nomination for Arizona governor in August over an opponent backed by more establishment-leaning Republicans. She repeatedly called the election “stolen and corrupt” and said she wouldn’t have certified President Joe Biden winning in Arizona.

Youngkin has been running for Republican candidates in the country during the midterm elections. His comments Sunday put a fine point to his vision of a party that includes both disillusioned members and those like Lake. Lake has tied herself to Trump in her campaign, telling her supporters that they can call her “Trump wearing a dress any time.”

Youngkin is not eligible for reelection because Virginia law prohibits governors from serving consecutive terms. He declined to answer Tapper’s question Sunday about whether he would mount a White House bid. Tapper asked him about his plans and he replied that he was focused on getting Republican candidates for Congress elected in Virginia, as well as some governors elected across the country.

“2024 is still a far away.” He said he was humbled by the speculation but is very focused on Virginia.

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