Greene backs Good challenger in Virginia race

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) on Monday endorsed Virginia State Sen. John McGuire’s (R) primary challenge against House Freedom Caucus Chair Bob Good (R-Va.).

Greene, one of former President Trump’s closest supporters in Congress, sharply criticized Good for first endorsing Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) in his presidential campaign, over former President Trump.

On Sunday, after DeSantis withdrew from the race, Good announced his endorsement for Trump.

“John McGuire is a Navy SEAL who has stood with President Donald J. Trump since he came down the escalator,” Greene wrote. “He’s a proven warrior with a STRONG conservative voting record as a Virginia State Delegate and State Senator!”

She continued to attack the Virginia lawmaker personally, calling him a “traitor” to the Make America Great Again (MAGA) movement, based on Trump’s campaign slogan.

“Bob Good is an angry, disloyal, MAGA traitor who was caught on camera trashing President Trump and doing everything he could to defeat President Trump,” she said. “Bob Good is NO GOOD and cannot be trusted.”

“John McGuire will help Make America Great Again, and Never Trump RINO Bob Good lied to the People,” the fiery Georgia Republican added. “The choice here is clear: John McGuire is the conservative pro-Trump choice in Virginia’s 5th District.”

Good has faced backlash from other Trump loyalists who have attacked him for his support of DeSantis and who have claimed he is inconsistent.

A conservative Virginia PAC recently rolled out its first ad targeting Good, releasing a 30-second ad spot titled “Which Bob.”

“For cameras, Bob Good says Trump’s okay. But the difference between bad Bob and good, night and day,” the ad’s narrator says. 

“You’re asking me privately, I don’t say this in public,” a clip of Good says.

In another clip, the Virginia Republican says: “I can’t sit by and watch and then regret that we nominated Trump.”

On the campaign trail, McGuire has also been critical of Good’s support for DeSantis.

He has called on Republicans “to get President Donald J. Trump back in the White House, unify the Republican Party behind Trump and focus on beating the Democrats and their Marxist, freedom-crushing policies, [and] deliver results for the American people.”

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