Haley argues against Israel-Hamas cease-fire: ‘The same as defeat’

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Former United Nations ambassador and GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley, in an op-ed published Friday, argued against a cease-fire in the ongoing Israel-Hamas war.

The article, published in The New York Post, is critical of President Biden and other Western politicians who, Haley said, have “apparently forgotten” what happened on Oct. 7.

Haley, also former governor of South Carolina, recently visited Israel, a trip she drew criticism for after writing “Finish them” on an Israeli artillery shell.

The former U.N. ambassador detailed her recent trip in the op-ed and said it’s important that Israel continues its counteroffensive against Hamas.

“It’s crucial that Israel finish the job in Gaza, defeat Hamas and return every hostage back home to their families,” she wrote.

She was critical of Biden and members of Congress who are attempting to withhold weapons from Israel and not doing what the country needs for security against Iran.

“Worst of all, they’re demanding a cease-fire,” Haley wrote. “A cease-fire is the same as defeat.”

“It would give the terrorists time and resources to complete their mission, which is the total destruction of Israel,” she continued.

Haley also slammed the International Criminal Court and the International Court of Justice, which are calling on Israel to stop the fighting.

“Any country or entity that attacks Israel emboldens America’s enemies. Punishing them is key to protecting ourselves,” she said.

Since Israel launched its counteroffensive more than 36,000 Palestinians have died, the Gaza Health Ministry reports.

International cries for Israel to stop its mission have increased as the military continues into the southern Gaza city of Rafah, where hundreds of thousands of Palestinians are taking refuge. The Israeli military maintains that the last Hamas stronghold is in Rafah.

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