How To Convert HEIC To JPG


High Efficiency Image Containers, or HEIC files, are typically unique to Apple products, so here’s how iPhone or iPad owners can convert their images to JPG to combat any compatibility issues with sharing photos.

Key Facts

HEIC files high quality photos generated when one takes photos on a dual camera, especially the iPad and iPhone by Apple, according to Adobe.

Joint Photographic Experts Group, or JPEG/JPG, are compressed and easily shareable image files.

As another Apple product, Mac users can easily convert HEIC images to JPG images within the Preview app available on the computer.

Heic To Jpg Using Mac’s Preview App

If sharing images between an iPhone or iPad to a Mac, view images through the Preview app. From there, users should go to the File tab, select Export and choose JPEG as the image’s format.

Heic To Jpg Image Converters

CloudConvert is a free online conversion app. All users have to do is go to the website, choose your conversion–which in this case would be images, HEIC TO JPG–upload the HEIC image, click convert and download the new JPG image once complete.

FileZigZag is another free online conversion app that permits conversions from HEIC to JPG, PNG, TIFF and WEBP, as well as webpage, audio, video document, archived and ebook conversions. Users can go to the website, upload their HEIC file and, once done converting, click on the Download button.

Image Candy is an app that offers image conversion, resizing, compression, background removal and other services, including HEIC to JPG. On your PC, go to their website, click on the HEIC to JPG tab, upload your HEIC file, hit convert and download the JPG image.

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