How to Personalize Your Own “Best Self Sunday”

I live for Sundays. They’ve become synonymous with romanticized mornings, brunch dates with friends, everything showers, and much-needed resets. Scrolling through Sunday reset content on TikTok leaves me feeling incredibly satisfied (I love a clean and tidy space), but if I’m being honest, it can also make me feel… lazy. Are these people really getting all of this done in one day? Why can’t I deep clean my bathroom, go to the farmer’s market, hot girl walk, and bake sourdough in the span of an afternoon? In reality, I planned out everything I wanted to accomplish, and then task paralysis set in, and I ended up doing nothing, judging myself for scrolling on my phone all day. I needed to give my Sundays a makeover and do things that felt good for me at my own pace and that would leave me feeling refreshed to take on the new week.

There’s power in an intentional Sunday reset, especially when it comes to mental health. By taking time to relax and recharge, I notice my stress levels are considerably lower throughout the rest of the week. But the key is not to copy your favorite influencer’s Sunday reset but to personalize your Sunday reset to your needs, goals, and lifestyle. Read on for tips on how to personalize your Sunday reset for you.

1. Check in with your current reset

Take time to reflect on how you normally spend your Sundays. Do you have a routine that you stick to? If you do, how is it serving you? Does it actually make you feel renewed, or is it made up of “shoulds” and added pressure to do things perfectly? Are you spending Sundays meal prepping but then feeling overwhelmed with a messy kitchen come Monday? Are your Sundays such heavy chore days you actually dread them? The idea of a Sunday reset is to hit pause, take care of yourself, and set yourself up for a successful week ahead, whatever that looks like for you. Pinpointing what isn’t working with your current reset is the first step to personalizing it so it can work better for you.

2. Manifest your ideal Sunday

In an ideal world, how would you like to spend your Sundays? Are you spending the day tidying up and running errands, or are you relaxing on the couch with a book? Do you carve out time for friends and family, or do you need alone time before the work week ahead? Allow yourself permission to dream without limits and get clear about what refuels your tank and what you want to manifest for your Sundays to feel refreshed for the new week. Giving your mind free rein may give you a fresh perspective and a much-needed break from all of the “shoulds” that could be holding you back from a routine that serves you. Grab your journal and free write about your ideal Sunday and what action steps you need to take to get there, or if you prefer, talk it out with a loved one. Not sure where to start? Try these manifestation journal prompts for your best Sunday ever.

3. Reschedule your non-negotiables

Now that you know what’s not working and a picture of your ideal Sunday, it’s time to hone in on your non-negotiables. You may have discovered that you spend too much time on chores and not enough time on self-care, or vice versa. Decide on a few non-negotiables to prioritize above anything else, then try to move lesser tasks or appointments to earlier in the week. That way, you’ll have more time for the things you actually want to spend your Sunday doing.

For example, my non-negotiable is meal prep; having food ready for the week saves me time and money. But I get overwhelmed by having to grocery shop and meal prep all on the same day. So now I carve out time earlier in the week to buy my meal prep ingredients so that my fridge is already stocked come Sunday, and I can focus solely on making my meals for the upcoming week. No matter what your non-negotiables are, identify what can be rescheduled for another time during the week and what you want to keep on Sundays.

4. Let some tasks go

Don’t be afraid to let some tasks go completely. Will mopping the floors really make you feel reset at the beginning of the week, or is it just another to-do on your long checklist? Be realistic with yourself and only prioritize what’s necessary. No matter what TikToks say, you don’t actually have to “reset” all in one day. This was a big part of my Sunday reset makeover since my list of to-dos was entirely too long. One big task I let go of was tidying my entire house on Sunday, which didn’t leave time for much else, namely self-care. Instead, I only focus on one space on Sunday: my home office. Whether it’s breaking up a bigger task into manageable pieces or forgoing grocery shopping, pare down your to-do list in the name of your well-being and health.

5. Do something only for you

Be sure at least one of your non-negotiables is self-care. Carving out time just for you will prevent burnout, so prioritize an activity that feels nourishing for you. Whether it’s spending time outdoors, connecting with loved ones, or indulging in an afternoon nap, recharge your physical and emotional tanks. Other ideas include going for a walk, working out, reading, or journaling. Finding something that takes your mind off your obligations and centers you will give you the boost you need to tackle whatever comes your way once Monday hits. Consider it an important investment to recharge your energy, and it will make Sundays actually enjoyable. I recently dove into Sarah J. Mass’s series, and my favorite part of the weekend has been curling up on the couch and reading.

6. Plan out your simplified Sunday reset

With non-negotiables top of mind, make adjustments to your existing Sunday reset. Simplifying your reset so that it only includes what’s most important to you will make your life easier. If your Sunday non-negotiables are meal prep, an hour to plan out your week in your planner, and an everything shower, your revitalized Sunday routine might look something like this:

  • Morning: Sleep in, get up slowly, eat breakfast, meal prep with a podcast or Sunday morning playlist
  • Afternoon: Sit down with a planner to plan out the week, then spend the rest of the day relaxing (i.e., reading, napping, watching Netflix, etc.)
  • Evening: Take your everything shower, have dinner, and go to bed early

7. Be gentle with yourself

A consistent Sunday routine that makes you feel your best is the goal. Keep in mind your energy levels aren’t the same every week, and things come up. It’s OK if you don’t stick to your regimen and your Sundays look different from week to week. Let your reset ebb and flow. The important thing is to continue checking in with yourself to make sure your Sunday reset feels supportive to you. If you need a whole Sunday to relax, take it! Or, if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed by a growing to-do list, take advantage of a free day and tackle it. As a recovering perfectionist, I often need the reminder to not judge myself for just being. It’s OK (and necessary) to have spontaneous afternoons out with friends or days when you don’t leave the couch once. Be kind to yourself and remember the whole purpose of the Sunday reset is to feel happier in your life. If it’s adding stress or too much structure, you’ve lost the plot.

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