I Recreated 5 Famous Pinterest Outfits as a Plus-Size Woman

Full transparency: I don’t tend to consider myself a fashion girl. True, I may have worked in cute boutiques and maxed out a few credit cards while online shopping in my college years, but now that I’ve entered my 30s, I rarely give a second thought to the clothes I’m wearing. As a full-time freelancer who works from home, I tend to grab the nearest clean pair of sweats when I first start my workday, or a cute loungewear set if I’m really feeling fancy.

One of my goals for this year is for that to change. I want to rebrand myself and start taking pride in the outfits I put together—even if my dog is the only audience for the day. While I’m on this fashion journey, scrolling Pinterest has become my favorite way to get inspiration. That said, I’m a plus-size woman, so it probably comes as no surprise that actually shopping many of the looks I see on Pinterest can be tricky. While I would love to click on a post and immediately add each item to cart, there’s never a guarantee that I’ll find options in my size.

Trying to stay up-to-date with current trends and styles isn’t always easy when you’re in a bigger body. In years past, this struggle would have taken a toll on my self-esteem and probably even kept me from trying to expand my wardrobe altogether, but it’s now 2024, baby! I’m done caring about how my tummy looks in a crop top or whether I can “pull off” a mini skirt because of the size of my legs. All bodies are good bodies, and each of us deserves to wear whatever makes us feel like our best selves. Rather than give in to the fear that some of my favorite “pinned” looks wouldn’t translate well on my figure, I decided to go on a treasure hunt through some size-inclusive brands and put together versions of five looks that I loved. Here’s how it went:

A Transitional Knit Vest and Mini Skirt

I love this outfit as a transitional look from winter to spring. Since it’s still a little too chilly for a sky’s-out-thighs-out vibe, I added tights and loafers to the look, and was so happy with how it turned out. I loved that this skirt is actually a skort, so even when I eventually lose the tights in favor of letting the gams go free, I still feel comfy and covered.

An Office-Ready Plaid Blazer and Black Boots

I always appreciate a good blazer, and this one fits like a glove. I opted for shorter boots and stuck with the all-black layers underneath for a classically chic look. The blazer is so comfortable, and it’s a great piece you can either wear to the office or mix with some casual pants or a crop top if you want to make it work for a night out.

teg plussizeoutfitshopping 10
teg plussizeoutfitshopping 9

A Casual Checkered Cardigan and Jeans

Don’t come for me about the sandals—I’m just a Florida gal, what can I say? Finding such a close match to this cardigan was terribly exciting, and I love how well the light blue can transition into my spring wardrobe. Also, as a millennial, ripped jeans will always be cool—I’ll die on that hill.

teg plussizeoutfitshopping 5
teg plussizeoutfitshopping 6

A Layered Dress and Tights

I can’t lie… I felt as cute as a freaking button in this outfit. I’ve never really experimented with the layering long-sleeves under dresses trend (again, Florida) but this shirt and dress were both so lightweight and comfortable that I was sold. This is another outfit I can see myself wearing in transitional spring weather.

A Leather Corset and Blazer

Last but certainly not least, I felt like a total baddie in this outfit. I’ve admired the faux-leather corset top trend from afar, until I found this brown one in my size and fell in love with it. I paired it with another blazer, of course, and these wide-leg jeans which are super comfortable but also totally flattering. Win, win.

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