Jeff Goldblum Looks Like the God of Tracksuits In the First Look at Kaos

If the endearing first season of Percy Jackson and the Olympians left you wishing for some more adult godly machinations, perhaps you’ll want to put some Kaos in your life. The upcoming Netflix series from creator Charlie Covell (The End of the F***ing World) stars the always-appealing Jeff Goldblum as a Zeus who’s having a bit of an existential breakdown on account of finding a wrinkle (gasp! horror!) on his immortal forehead. As you can see in the too-brief clip below, he’s a bit grumpy about it.

Zeus has long enjoyed his status as King of The Gods. That is until he wakes up one morning and discovers a wrinkle on his forehead. Neurosis sets in, setting him off on a dangerous, paranoid path. Zeus becomes convinced his fall is coming – and starts to see signs of it everywhere.

Zeus’ once reliable brother, Hades, God of the Underworld, is secretly losing his grip on his dark dominion. There is a backlog of dead waiting to be processed and they are growing restless. Hera (Janet McTeer), Queen of the Gods, exercises dominion on Earth — and over Zeus — in her own unique way. But her power and freedom become threatened by Zeus’ growing paranoia, and she is forced to act, while Zeus’ rebellious son, Dionysus (Nabhaan Rizwan), is out of control and on course for a cosmic collision with his father.

On Earth people are aching for change, however Poseidon (Cliff Curtis), God of Sea, Storms and Earthquakes (and Horses) is more concerned with the size of his super-yacht and where the next party is at. The wellbeing of mere mortals is of little interest to him. Unfortunately for the Gods some of those mortals are beginning to realise this…

These mortals – Riddy (Aurora Perrineau), Orpheus (Killian Scott), Caneus (Misia Butler) and Ari (Leila Farzad) – come from different walks of life and are all cosmically connected in the battle against Zeus. Each one has a very different role to play, any one of them may be destined to bring down the Gods.

The excellent cast listed in the synopsis is missing one godly actor: David Thewlis, who will no doubt make a most diabolical Hades. Billie Piper and Suzy Eddie Izzard will both appear in cameos.

Netflix still hasn’t announced a premiere date for Kaos, which is just “coming soon.” icon-paragraph-end

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