Jimmy Butler goes full emo cowboy in new Fall Out Boy video

Miami Heat superstar forward Jimmy Butler embraced his emo side this season. He flattened his hair to turn it into a bang and wore dark eyeliner to media day, so his photo for the entire year looks exactly like this:

Screenshot 2024 02 28 at 12.35.30 PM

Well, our emo NBA king finally gets to live out his dream. Fall Out Boy released a new music video for their song So Much (For) Stardust, and guess who returns in the music video? That’s right, Jimmy freakin’ Butler.

Every time I see that hairdo I just laugh. Our emo cowboy hooper Jimmy Butler has finally returned to grace the big screen of emo music videos made by Fall Out Boy. Who else has range like Jimmy Butler, going from wearing dreads last year to the bangs and being in a music video? That’s right, only Jimmy Butler.

Now I want Butler to actually sing in an NBA-themed punk rock band. We need to fill out the rest of the band, but Butler is the lead singer. Who else in the NBA can play the guitar or drums to fill out the rest of the band?

The eventual Butler feature on a Blink-182 song will feed families.

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