Karl Rove: 'There’s cheering in Mar-a-Lago' as Biden digs in

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Republican strategist Karl Rove suggested former President Trump and his team are celebrating as President Biden doubles down on his intent to remain in the race.

“There’s cheering in Mar-a-Lago for that sentiment,” he said Monday on Fox News’s “The Story” when asked about Biden reiterating that he is not dropping out. “Look, the polls are indicating that this race is widening for Trump.”

“And it is because that debate, confirmed the feelings that a vast majority of the American people have had for over a year and a half that Joe Biden is too old to be an effective president, particularly when he would be 82 If he were to be reelected, and serve until 86,” he said.

Rove said he believes voters will be more inclined to vote for Trump after the debate last month.

“That debate was not an incident. That debate was not an off moment. It was not a bad night. It was a reflection of the reality of who Joe Biden is at the age of 81,” he said. “And he’s entitled to be stubborn, but the people that he’s making happy by being stubborn are the high command of the Trump team because they know what they’ve got.”

“They’ve got a guy that the American people believe, lacks the physical stamina, the mental acuity and the judgment to be an effective president. And despite whatever doubts they and people may have about Trump, they’re gonna go for the strong leader rather than the weak guy,” he added.

Rove previously predicted that Biden will end his campaign following a rocky debate performance last month. Biden has maintained that he will not be dropping out, emphasizing Monday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that he is the best candidate to beat Trump.

“The bottom line here is we’re not going anywhere. I’m not going anywhere,” Biden said Monday. “I’m not letting up, Joe. I’m not letting up even a little bit.”

A handful of Democrats, including sitting lawmakers, have called on Biden to step aside and allow someone else to take the reins. Biden’s campaign and the White House have attempted to quell concerns about Biden’s ability to do the job and win a second term in recent weeks, but the calls continue to grow as Congress returns from its holiday recess.

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