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Keanu Reeves Is Dedicating ‘John Wick 4’ To Lance Reddick

Yesterday, the world was shocked with the news of actor Lance Reddick’s death at the age of 60, reportedly from natural causes. Reddick, who starred in films like John Wick, TV series such as Fringe and The Wire, animated series like The Legend Of Vox Machina and video games like Horizon Zero Dawn and Destiny 2, was beloved by pretty much everyone, and an outpouring of mourning and grief flooded the internet Friday.

Reddick died one week before the opening of John Wick 4. Co-star Keanu Reeves and director Chad Stahelski released a statement dedicating the upcoming film to the actor.

“We are deeply saddened and heartbroken at the loss of our beloved friend and colleague Lance Reddick. He was the consummate professional and a joy to work with,” they said. Our love and prayers are with his wife Stephanie, his children, family and friends. We dedicate the film to his loving memory. We will miss him dearly.”

Lionsgate also issued a statement which read:

“The world of Wick would not be what it is without Lance Reddick and the unparalleled depth he brought to Charon’s humanity and unflappable charisma. Lance leaves behind an indelible legacy and hugely impressive body of work, but we will remember him as our lovely, joyful friend and Concierge. We’re stunned and heartbroken, and our deepest condolences go to his beloved family and his fans all around the world.”

It’s a testament to Reddick’s talent and charm that he was able to take a rather minor character from the first film and flesh him out into one of the best characters in the John Wick universe.

Reddick recently played the dragon Thordack in the second season of The Legend Of Vox Machina, where his powerful voice gave life to a terrifying new villain. In this and in so many other franchises, his passing leaves a gaping hole.

The Destiny 2 community has stood vigil next to Reddick’s in-game character, Commander Zavala, since news of his death broke in one of the most touching video game tributes I have personally witnessed.

Of Keanu Reeves, Reddick told Vulture in an interview in 2021, “On one hand I feel like I don’t know him very well but on the other, I just adore that guy. He’s such a wonderful human being.”

Reddick was only 60, just two years older than Reeves, and far too young to be taken from this world. Life is fleeting and precious, and this is a reminder to us all to never take it for granted. As always, be excellent to each other.

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