Kemp says he was interviewed in federal 2020 election interference case

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Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) revealed Tuesday on CNN that he was interviewed by special counsel Jack Smith’s office as part of the federal investigation into former President Trump’s attempts to overturn the 2020 election.

CNN host Kaitlan Collins pressed Kemp on previous reports that his office was contacted by Smith’s team looking into Trump’s efforts to overturn the election and his actions related to the Jan. 6, 2021 insurrection. Kemp confirmed he sat down with Smith’s office, but did not say exactly when the interview took place.

“I don’t know exactly when that was. I mean, it’s been months ago, but really didn’t last that long. And I basically told them the same thing I told the special grand juries — that I followed the law and the Constitution and answered all their questions truthfully,” he said on CNN’s “The Source.”

Kemp’s office confirmed last July that it had been contacted by the federal special counsel, but it was not previously known he participated in an interview. The former president was indicted in August related to his alleged efforts to remain in power following the 2020 election, despite President Biden winning.

Trump has claimed that he should have presidential immunity in the federal election interference case. The District of Columbia Circuit Court of Appeals rejected Trump’s claim earlier this month, with the three-judge panel ruling the former president is not immune from criminal prosecution as a former executive.

Trump has since urged the Supreme Court to delay the federal election interference case as he appeals the panel’s ruling.

“Well, listen, I don’t think anybody’s above the law, you know, Democrat, Republican, independent, myself or anybody else. So that’s my personal opinion,” Kemp told Collins when asked what he thought about Trump’s immunity claims.

The federal case is separate from the Fulton County election interference case in Kemp’s home state, where Trump faces 13 charges including making false statements, impersonating a public officer and conspiracy and racketeering.

Smith’s office declined to comment on Kemp’s remarks.

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