Léa Seydoux to Star in Fantasy Film, The Unknown, From Anatomy of a Fall Co-Writer

Arthur Harari’s next film after winning an Oscar for co-writing Anatomy of a Fall is an apparent genre mashup called The Unknown. Much about the film is still, well, unknown, but today Variety reported that Dune: Part Two actor Léa Seydoux (pictured above) is set to star in the feature.

Harari described The Unknown to Variety as “a mix of realistic urban chronicle, fantasy film, investigation, melodrama and daydream,” and added that it “will continually metamorphose before our eyes, while its horizon will be the character’s profound and irreversible transformation.”


Harari will be both writer and director on The Unknown, which will be produced by Bathysphere. One of their execs, Nicolas Anthomé, shed further light on the movie, and described it as “a realistic fantasy film, with the fantasy understood, first and foremost, to be a spectacular promise of vertigo, evocation and poetry.”

Cinema! Again!

Seydoux played Lady Margot Fenring in Dune: Part Two (pictured above), where we saw her as the Bene Gesserit who assessed (and secured the genetic line) of Feyd-Rautha (Austin Butler). Her other credits include No Time To Die and The Beast, and she’ll likely reprise her role as Fenring in Denis Villeneuve’s third Dune film.

The Unknown isn’t set to finish production until the first half of 2026, so we likely won’t see it on the big screen until late that year or early 2027. icon-paragraph-end

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