Leopard Print Is Officially Back: Here’s Your Guide to Wearing It in 2024

When you think about leopard print, your mind might drift straight to visions of J.Crew’s calf hair smoking loafers or an inescapable cheetah print midi skirt that took over the internet. And that’s fair—leopard print has had many deaths and resurgences, most recently through a millennial chokehold in the 2010s. After years of leopard print being a mainstay in the wardrobes of every 20 and 30-something woman, it got put on the back burner in exchange for the neutrals that minimalism encouraged. But trends never really die, do they? Instead, they hibernate for a while and wait for the day that the fashion cycles beckon for them once again—and leopard print’s day has come.

With the rise of the mob wife aesthetic and the covetable (and completely sold out) Wales Bonner x Adidas Sambas, the return of leopard print has been a slow trickle that has officially turned into a revival. Odds are, you fall into one of two camps: someone who has been waiting patiently for the day to incorporate leopard into your wardrobe again or someone who has an aversion to it after years of overexposure. But despite how it might feel, leopard print has never gone away—not completely, anyway. It’s treated like a neutral and cycled into fashion consistently, and each time it has a rebirth, new, modern ways to style it are born, too.

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2024 is shaping up to have no shortage of leopard print, and the endless styling options it brings are enticing. Celebrities have been incorporating the print into their wardrobes as of late—Emily Ratajkowski even rang in 2024 in a leopard ensemble—and the search “cheetah print outfits” is up 40 percent on Pinterest.

The appeal of leopard print is how customizable it is to different styles. Whether you’re a maximalist who opts for a fur coat in the print or a minimalist whose take on styling it only goes as far as a subtle leather belt, it’s a trend that can be for everyone. I’ve personally been swooning over Ganni’s new leopard-filled spring collection, which includes denim jeans, bags, and *trigger warning*, even maxi skirts.

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If you’re looking for outfit inspiration before dipping your toe back into leopard print—or diving in, depending on who you are—there’s no shortage of ideas flitting around the internet. A flowy, white blouse paired with leopard bottoms is sizing up to be a styling favorite, as is incorporating leopard knitwear into a jeans-and-tee base. If you’re kicking yourself for donating the leopard print pieces your closet used to house, fret not: These 30 pieces let you welcome the print back into your wardrobe with open arms.

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