Michael J. and Christopher Lloyd star in ‘Back to the Future. Fox and Michael J. reunite at New York Comic Con panel

Michael J. After a round of applause for the “Back to the Future” stars at a panel discussion at New York Comic Con, Fox, and Christopher Lloyd had some serious conversations.

They first met on the 1985 sci-fi hit directed by Robert Zemeckis. This time-traveling tale has earned Robert Zemeckis the title of one of the greatest films. It also had two sequels, a musical, and many other features in its multi-million-dollar franchise.

Fox was initially not supposed to be in the movie. He joined the production after Zemeckis had filmed alongside Eric Stoltz. Stoltz was not a good choice and Fox replaced him. Fox became well-known for his role as Marty McFly.

“The announcement was made at one o’clock in the morning, six weeks after we had been shooting. It was that Marty’s actor would not be playing Marty anymore and that we would begin shooting with Michael tomorrow.” Lloyd, 83, stated about the shocking switch of actors according to “I felt like I barely made it through [first] six weeks and now I was gonna need to do it again?”

He said, “The chemistry was there since the first scene we had. It was alive and it remained that same way for three movies.” It has not disappeared, by the way.

Fox, 61 years old, said that it was natural to work with Lloyd.

He said, “All I had was to react.” Just take it in, and let it wash over you. He was amazing. This was it. Just be with Chris, let it all be Chris, and have fun. It was always a great day when I worked with him.

“Back to the Future” also stars Crispin Glover, Lea Thompson, and Claudia Wells. It was produced on a $19 Million budget and has grossed nearly $400 million at the box office.

The film won an Academy Award for sound effects editing and was nominated for three additional nominations including the best original song, Huey Lewis’ “The Power of Love”, and The News’s “The Power of Love”.

Zemeckis followed up with two sequels, in 1989 and 1990.

After the movie’s success, Lloyd and Fox starred in movies and TV shows. However, Michael said that he had retired from the business due to the progression and severity of Parkinson’s disease in his 2020 memoir “No Time Like the Future”.

Fox stated, “You guys have given me my whole life,” This was the best thing to happen in my life. Parkinson’s disease is a gift. People have said it to me and I replied, “You’re crazy.” I respond, “Yeah, but it keeps on giving.” It’s a gift, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It’s not about me, it’s about the things I’ve been given.”

Lloyd, a play on Doc Brown’s character, gave the crowd some final words of wisdom. “It was once said in a movie, but the future is what it is.”

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