Mila Kunis is booed on Jimmy Kimmel Live! To promote the movie “Luckiest Girl Alive”

Jimmy Kimmel Live! The show’s Brooklyn segment saw Mila Kunis, a Ukrainian-born actress, get booed.

Kunis lamented a wardrobe failure on the show to promote her Netflix thriller “Luckiest Girl Alive”, as she didn’t have any underwear or bra to match her outfit.

Kimmel, who tapes his shows from Los Angeles, told Kunis that he felt like he could be New Yorker but that he is not.

The crowd began to boo the 39-year-old as she tried to answer. She was taken aback immediately by the fact that someone was booing her. To which she responded, “What? “Who booed?”

Kimmel was amused by the actress’ jokes, asking, “What’s wrong? Your audience?” You are very New York, very New York.

She spoke about her journey to America as a child, from Ukraine, and how she got to New York to obtain citizenship. She recalled her stay in Brooklyn, where she enjoyed her first burger and Coca-Cola. However, to the chagrin of the audience, there was no pizza.

Kunis grew up in Los Angeles, though, where her father was a pizza delivery man.

She said, “Just to get another boo,” “It was Domino’s pizza.” The crowd was quick to express their disappointment. She laughed, “This is like an orchestra of boos”

The mom-of-2 revealed, as the last dagger, that she doesn’t like pizza. This shocked Kimmel and the rest of the audience.

She said that Ashton Kutcher, her husband, bought her a pizza oven as a surprise gift for their anniversary. This required her to make pizza every day.

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