Miley Cyrus Claims She Didn’t Make Any Money On Her ‘Bangerz’ Tour

To promote her new single “Used To Be Young,” Miley Cyrus has been opening up and sharing some tidbits from her years in the spotlight. One recent admission shows the very high price that some musicians need to pay to ensure their creative vision is displayed to the world.

In a recent installment of her TikTok series titled Used to Be Young—the same as her new song—Cyrus explained that her 2014 Bangerz Tour was actually “investment in myself” and not a major moneymaker, as many might assume.

The pop singer opens up in the video and revealed that she “didn’t make a cent from this tour.” But why? Cyrus herself says that it was because she was “determined to make it exceptional.”

Musicians always want their art to be as good as possible and they need to ensure it follows their own ideas, but sometimes that means these projects are more difficult to get going. Cyrus shared that as she was preparing for the venture, she encountered significant challenges while searching for individuals who could grasp her audacious creative vision. “Many of these concepts were so unconventional that finding supporters was a daunting task,” Cyrus admitted during the video.

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The Bangerz Tour was quite the spectacle, and unlike anything that had been done by a musician on her level. The trek included enormous puppets, oversized beds, and even an entrance that involved her emerging from a massive recreation of her own face, complete with a protruding tongue. That was a hallmark of the Bangerz era, and she wanted to make sure to include it.

While many may ask why she’d bother going on tour if she wasn’t going to make any money—especially considering the fact that most artists make the bulk of their cash via concerts these days—she explained in the most recent addition to her TikTok series that it wasn’t about the money. “There is no one more deserving of my investment than myself,” the Grammy nominee admitted. “I funded every aspect to ensure it aligned precisely with my vision and what my fans truly deserved.”

Throughout the Bangerz Tour, Cyrus played to millions of fans at nearly 80 concerts. The entire run racked up just under $70 million in ticket sales, but apparently even that wasn’t enough to ensure the singer herself took home a healthy payday.

The Bangerz Tour marked Cyrus’ fourth proper concert tour, and it was organized to promote her album of the same name. The full-length was another major win for Cyrus, as it went right to No. 1 on the Billboard 200, giving her another leader on the tally. The CD also produced her first No. 1 smash single, “Wrecking Ball” and it would lead to her first Grammy nomination.

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