NFL Draft Combine’s best quotes and stories so far from Caleb Williams, Rome Odunze, and more

The NFL Combine is home to the biggest activities a draft prospect can undergo before hearing their name called in April during the NFL Draft.

The Combine interviews are a portion of that evaluation a prospect goes through. This would be the first time they would be in front of NFL reporters and media, so letting them know their character will always lead to some fun quotes…or there are some like Texas Tech safety Tyler Owens, who doesn’t believe space is real?

Yeah…we’re going to let that go and move to the QBs, WRs and RBs who took the podium today, and have given the best quotes.

Rome Odunze can’t fly a plane, so don’t ask him to

I’m going to have to rethink my ranking of Odunze here. I think I can land a plane in an emergency situation, and Odunze is going to be faced with adverse times if he’s getting drafted anywhere near his projections. Knowing that you can land a plane is a big stock up.

Audric Estime can sing?

Immediate stock up without hesitation. Estime being able to sing is like finding a hidden artifact that ends up becoming the centerpiece of a collection. Please let him go to Philadelphia where he can be on the Philly Special Christmas album.

AD Mitchell wants a pet parrot

This is honestly the tamest of the quotes that have come from today’s interviews, and pretty sweet of Mitchell. Other guys want dogs to hang around with in their new home, but Mitchell wants someone to talk to at home so he goes for a parrot. Let’s find him a parrot when he gets drafted, shall we?

Sam Hartman has great hair

I mean look at him.


If football doesn’t work, he’d make a killing in cop movies set in the 80s.

Caleb Williams is both an artist and a surgeon

It’s really cool to hear a young QB describe what I’ve thought about a lot for modern styles of play. Being an artist means you can really play off schedule and create when things break down, but being a surgeon and moving the ball efficiently is very much needed in an NFL offense. Williams recognizing that is a major feather in the cap.

Williams sure seems confident:

He sure seems like the front-runner to go No. 1 right now.

Tip Reiman believes birds aren’t real?

I just…idk man I have no words for anything that’s going on with this. Please read my colleague Jeanna Kelley on why birds are, in fact, very real, instead.

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