Pack Your Bags: Here are 40 Vacation Nail Ideas for Your Next Trip

With summer in full swing, vacation plans are officially finding their way out of the group chat and into everyone’s calendars. But as any girl knows, before the fun of vacation starts, there are a few things to get done—including sorting through your pinned vacation nail ideas for the ideal manicure. I always like to match my nails to the occasion, from seashell-inspired designs for beach trips to French-inspired nails for my dream trip to Paris (though I’m still working on making that one a reality).

Wherever your destination may be, a getaway is a great excuse to finally try out those out-of-the-box nail ideas you’ve had saved in your Pinterest board. We’ve rounded up 40 Pinterest-worthy vacation nail ideas that will be your perfect accessory on your upcoming trip.

1. Yellow Daisy Nails

Source: @gelsbybry

This dainty daisy design will be the cherry on top of any beachy vacation outfit. Plus, it incorporates the color of the season: butter yellow.

2. Colorful Outlines

Vacation Nail Ideas — Multicolored outline
Source: @gel.bymegan

These colorful reverse French tips are a playful take on the classic manicure.

3. Lemons

Vacation Nail Ideas—French tips with lemon designs
Source: @theservinghandss

Paired with a trip to a lemon orchard on the Amalfi Coast or fresh-squeezed lemonade during a low-key vacation, this design modernizes the classic lemon print.

4. Fruit Nails

Vacation Nail Ideas—nude base with fruit designs
Source: @nailsbycarriex

Please tell me I am not the only person who picks vacation destinations based on food. These nails are unmatched for your next foodie getaway.

5. Neon Cuticles

Vacation Nail Ideas—Colorful Half Moon outline
Source: @gel.bymegan

Subtle yet playful, these colorful half-moon cuticle designs are a fun way to bring a pop of color to a minimal design.

6. Retro stamps

Vacation Nail Ideas—Retro Stamp Design
Source: @snfaithnails

For the girls who are romanticizing their lives this summer, these postcard nails are a whimsical ode to your upcoming holiday.

7. Las Vegas

Vacation Nail Ideas—Butter Yellow Tips with Las Vegas Designs
Source: @landofhands

Heading to Sin City? With dirty martini olives and lucky eight balls, this design screams “Viva Las Vegas!”

8. Glitter Glaze

Vacation Nail Ideas—Glitter Glaze
Source: @themaniclub

Take the viral glazed donut nail trend up a notch with a glitter topcoat.

9. Romantic Hearts

Vacation Nail Ideas—Minimalist Small Hearts
Source: @matejanova

Have an anniversary trip coming up (or maybe a suspected engagement trips?). This simple heart design is a perfect touch to a romantic getaway.

10. Yellow Half Moon

Vacation Nail Ideas—Yellow Half Moon Negative Space Design
Source: @gel.bymegan

This design takes a minimalist approach to the butter yellow trend. It’s the perfect manicure for anyone who wants to switch things up from a classic French.

11. Sunset Chrome

Vacation Nail Ideas— Chrome Pink Ombre
Source: @gelsbybry

Watching the sunset on the beach is arguably one of the best parts of a vacation, and these nails will mimic the beautiful colors.

12. Gold Shimmer

Vacation Nail Ideas—Metallic Gold Polish
Source: @themaniclub

If your vacation goal is to sit on a beach and become as bronzed as possible, this is the color for you.

Vacation Nail Ideas—Mixed Metal Gilded Nail Design
Source: @kimsotonailartist

If you’re a mixed-metal girl who wants a manicure to match her outfits on vacation, this is the look for you.

14. Blue Negative Space

Vacation Nail Ideas—Negative Space Wave Design
Source: @lolo.nailedit

Minimalistic girls, this is your moment—these negative-space nails mimic abstract waves on the beach.

15. Stars

Vacation Nail Ideas—Multicolored stars with jewels
Source: @gelsbybry

From the bright lights of the city to the twinkling stars of the countryside, these nails are a sparkling design for any destination.

16. Waves or Snow?

Vacation Nail Ideas—Splatter design with silver accents
Source: @lolo.nailedit

These nails can be interpreted two different ways: waves crashing on a warm beach, or snowy mountains on a ski trip. Depending on your destination, the choice is yours!

17. Off-White

Vacation Nail Ideas—Off White Polish

We’re bringing it back to the classics with this traditional off-white manicure. Headed anywhere for the Fourth of July? This should be your go-to.

18. Tropical Green

Vacation Nail Ideas—Neon Green Polish
Source: @paintedbyjools

This color is begging to accompany you on your upcoming tropical trip.

19. Blue Swirls

Vacation Nail Ideas—Blue and white Swirl Desgin
Source: @gelsbybry

Doesn’t something about these nails scream “Mediterranean vacation?” Live out your Mamma Mia summer with this gorgeous set.

20. Checkered & Cherries

Vacation Nail Ideas—Checkered and Cherries Red Nails
Source: @polishedbyjayy_

Cherrys are trending for 2024, and there’s no better time to incorporate them into your manicure than for an upcoming trip.

21. Vanilla Latte Nails

Vacation Nail Ideas—Brown and Tan swirls
Source: @matejanova

Ideal for sipping coffee in a cute European café, these nails are as delectable as your morning latte. It is “Espresso” summer, after all.

22. Red French Tips

Vacation Nail Ideas—Red French Tips
Source: @gel.bymegan

Looking for nail inspiration with a subtle pop of color? These are your best bet.

23. Evil Eye

Vacation Nail Ideas—Blue and White Tips with Evil Eye design
Source: @gelsbybry

Between the French tips and subtle art, these nails scream “I’m going on the trip of a lifetime.”

24. Orange Flowers

Vacation Nail Ideas—Orange Flower Design
Source: @lolo.nailedit

This bright, playful design is sure to bring good vibes to your next girls’ trip.

25. Deep Blue

Vacation Nail Ideas—Midnight Blue Polish
Source: @themaniclub

Night owl? Try this deep, dreamy shade of blue to accompany you on nights out in the city you’re visiting.

26. Barbie Pink

Vacation Nail Ideas—Bright Pink Polish
Source: @themaniclub

Hi, Barbie! This beautiful pink shade fits any warm-weather trip.

27. Black French Tips with Accents

Vacation Nail Ideas—Black French Tips with Silver Pearl Accents
Source: @lolo.nailedit

Pair this edgy design with a black shoulder bag or silver kitten heels and you’ll be ready to take on the town.

28. Matte Red

Vacation Nail Ideas—Matte Bright Red Polish
Source: @matejanova

Let’s bring matte back! This matte cherry red color is perfect for trying out the red nail theory.

29. Strawberry Matcha Nails

Vacation Nail Ideas—Mint Green Tips with Strawberry Design
Source: @gelsbybry

These dreamy nails will give you a spark of joy every time you glance at them. Plus, they match flawlessly with the drink of the summer: an iced strawberry matcha latte.

30. Forest Green

Vacation Nail Ideas—Dark Green Polish
Source: @kimberly_oates

Headed to a mountain destination or lakeside adventure? You don’t need to sacrifice your manicure. This subtle, forest green manicure will match the vibe perfectly.

31. Dainty Flowers

Vacation Nail Ideas—Nude Base with Bright Dainty Flowers
Source: @matejanova

These dainty flowers are perfect for those who enjoy the simpler things in life.

32. Butter Yellow

Vacation Nail Ideas— Butter Yellow Polish
Source: @themaniclub

Butter yellow is the most unexpected nail shade of 2024, and there’s no better time to try it out than vacation.

33. Mauve Flowers

Vacation Nail Ideas—Mauve base with Layered Flowers
Source: @lolo.nailedit

Flowers are a classic design for vacation, but it can be hard to choose a color combination. This mauve set layers red and pink flowers to give more depth to the design.

34. Yellow Micro French Tips

Vacation Nail Ideas—Yellow Micro French Tips
Source: @matejanova

Headed somewhere warm? Try a pop of yellow on your next French manicure.

35. Red-Orange

Vacation Nail Ideas—Bright Red Polish
Source: @paintedbyjools

Typically go for a red manicure? Switch it up and try an orange-red shade to spice it up for summer.

36. Sky Blue

Vacation Nail Ideas—Shimmery Baby Blue Polish

Manifest blue skies and good vibes on your upcoming trip with this sky-blue shimmer.

37. Multicolored Florals

Vacation Nail Ideas—Purple Tips with Multicolored Flower Design
Source: @gelsbybry

This bright floral palette is ideal for pairing with your vacation dresses.

38. Accented Ombré

Vacation Nail Ideas—Ombre Orange Tips with Pink and Orange Swirls
Source: @beautybychloemayboyce

This soft ombré look is perfect for a trip with your friends or Bachelorette party.

39. Cow Print

Vacation Nail Ideas—Pink Tips with Cow Print Designs
Source: @gelsbybry

Take nail art up a notch with this chic cow print. Bonus points if you pair them with cowboy boots.

40. Gilded Flowers

Vacation Nail Ideas—Gold Gilded Multicolored Flowers
Source: @bees.knees.nails

Take me to the Louve—these nails are a work of art.

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