Premier League records continue to be broken by Erling Haaland

Record-breaking is usually achieved by very small margins that have been trimmed over time to create a new benchmark, which is somewhat similar to the one before it.

However, this is not true for records owned by Erling Haaland, who spent the season erasing them beyond recognition.

Haaland broke yet another record by becoming the fastest player in English Premier League history to score 15 goals during Manchester City’s win over Southampton, Saturday.

Andy Cole, a former striker for Newcastle United and Manchester United, held the record. It took him 15 games to achieve this benchmark. Haaland only needed nine.

Haaland’s 15 goals have already equaled City’s top league scorer, Kevin de Bruyne, from the 2021/22 winning season. He has now scored 20 goals for City in 13 games across all competitions since joining Borussia Dortmund this summer.

Pat Nevin, a former Scotland winger, said that it was terrific and it’s hyperbole.

“But it’s no with Erling Haaland. He is absurd. He is the most extraordinary person I know. His physicality, incredible pace, and eye for goal are extraordinary.

After his dominance and his hattrick last weekend against Manchester United – his third consecutive win – opposition fans jokingly created a petition to ban the player “because it’s not fair.”

Haaland set such high standards that he was able to score just one goal per match, which reduced his goalscoring rate by 1.75 to 1.67 per match.

Pep Guardiola, Manchester City manager, joked that he was “so upset with him” after the match against Southampton according to ESPN FC.

“He didn’t score three goals, so the petition to dismiss him from the Premier League won’t happen.”

City’s win over Southampton lifted them to the top table for the first season. It remains the only unbeaten side of all four divisions in England.

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