RNC chair swipes at Biden: ‘Our country is more divided than it’s ever been’

Ronna McDANIEL 2023

Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel took a swipe at President Biden on Sunday, calling the U.S. the most divided it has ever been in a reference to the president’s campaign message of unifying the country.

“The president, you know, came in as this unifier — ‘I’m going to work across the aisle,’ — and he has been nothing like that at all,” McDaniel said Sunday on “Fox News Sunday.””Our party, our country is more divided than it’s ever been.”

McDaniel was responding to a clip from Biden’s speech with the Congressional Black Caucus, where he claimed former President Trump and MAGA Republicans are “determined to spread anger, hate and division.”

McDaniel fired back at Biden’s argument, pointing to a Washington Post-ABC News poll which found Americans to have a growing dissatisfaction over Biden’s handling of the economy and immigration.

“We’re also failing as a country and that Washington Post poll showed that three out of four Americans feel like they’re doing poorly or not as well under Joe Biden,” McDaniel said. “‘Bidenomics’ is failing, crime is rising…our border is out of control, people are dying of fentanyl. Joe Biden is failing in his approval.”

A NBC News poll released earlier Sunday showed Biden’s disapproval rating hit the highest mark of his presidency, ticking up to 56 percent, with 41 percent saying they approve.

The poll follows a series of surveys in recent weeks that show an overwhelming majority expressing concern over Biden’s performance and his reelection bid in 2024.

McDaniel’s comments come ahead of this weeks’ GOP primary debate, where several candidates will take the stage in California for a second time.

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