See Adam Driver as Enzo Ferrari in the trailer for the eponymous film

Apparently 20th century captains of the car industry are real film fodder now. We’ve had the well-received “Ford vs. Ferrari” about Carroll Shelby and the GT40 program, a poorly reviewed film about Ferruccio Lamborghini called “Lamborghini: The Man Behind the Legend,” and now soon, “Ferrari” about Il Commendatore himself. The film’s first trailer, which stars Adam Driver as Enzo and Penélope Cruz as Enzo’s wife Laura, was released today, and you can watch it at the top.

According to the film’s studio, Neon, “Ferrari” will not be looking at Enzo’s entire life, but will focus on his life in 1957. That was one year after the passing of Enzo’s son Alfredo “Dino” Ferrari, and the year that would turn out to be the last for the Mille Miglia cross-country race. The film will apparently focus on Enzo’s personal and professional life at this time.

There are a few reasons to be optimistic about the film. Besides the star leads, Patrick Dempsey will be appearing as Piero Taruffi, Ferrari’s driver for the ’57 Mille Miglia. Dempsey, besides becoming famous on the TV series “Grey’s Anatomy,” has also had a racing career that led him to race in the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the Daytona 24, as well as the Baja 1000. He even set up his own racing team. The director, Michael Mann, was an executive producer on “Ford vs. Ferrari.” And interestingly, the screenplay seems to have been written by the late Troy Kennedy Martin, who also wrote the screenplay for the original “The Italian Job.” The trailer also promises plenty of beautiful classic race cars in equally inviting locales.

It will be a bit of a wait to see how the film fares, though, as it’s set to release in theaters on December 25. And it will cap off a year of big car-related films with the recently released “Gran Turismo,” based on the video game series and associated GT Academy program.

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