Shania Twain claims that dinner with Oprah won’t have been as enjoyable because of the subject of religion

Shania Twain shared that Oprah Winfrey and Shania Twain had a difficult dinner.

The 57-year-old Canada-born country singer spoke out on the Table Manners podcast hosted by Jennie and Lennie Wars. During an interview, she recalled one of her most memorable dinners with Lennie Ware (68).

Twain stated, “She’s such a smart woman and it’s just wonderful to sit down and have real conversations,” after noting that they had dined together at a restaurant.

She added, “But as soon we started talking religion, it all went sour.”

“So I said let’s not talk about religion,” continued the “You’re Still The One” singer.

Twain continued to state that Winfrey was “quite religious.” Twain, 37, answered Ware’s question about her religious beliefs. She explained that she wasn’t religious in the traditional sense of being dedicated to one religion. I am much more spiritual than that.”

She said, “I am a seeker.”

Ware stated, “But at the very least you knew to stop it right then.”

Twain agreed. “Right,” Twain agreed.

The 5-time Grammy Award winner stated, “It just wasn’t debatable.” “There wasn’t room for debate. And I like to debate. Canadians love to debate everything. So, I’m like, “OK, I’m changing the subject.”

Winfrey was raised in a Baptist church and has always stated that she is a Christian. In a 2015 interview, Winfrey stated that although she prays every evening, she doesn’t consider herself a traditionalist because she doesn’t go to church every Sunday.

Ware had started the conversation by asking about Twain’s most memorable dinners during the 1990s. However, Twain didn’t give any details as to when it took place.

Twain has appeared many times on Winfrey’s old talk show, “The Oprah Winfrey Show”. The singer spoke to Winfrey about her painful split with Robert “Mutt”, Lange, in a May 2011 interview.

She revealed that she was also diagnosed with Lyme disease, dysphonia, and a disorder that affected the vocal cords and left her with a weak singing voice.

Twain’s six-episode series “Why Not?” debuted on May 8, 2011. Shania Twain and Twain on Winfrey’s Network.

Twain was on Table Manners to promote her new single, “Waking Up dreaming”, her first new song since 2005.

She had previously revealed that she was working on her sixth studio album. This will be her first solo album after 2017’s “Now”.

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