The Biden-Harris abortion tour is about fearmongering, not freedom

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Across the country, Americans feel the sting of inflation. Polls show the economy as a top concern of voters.

So how does the Biden-Harris administration respond? They push for more abortion.  

This week, President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris launched a campaign tour to promote abortion across America. At a time when Biden should be cogently laying out a plan for how he will serve mothers and save children across this country, he instead opts to sever them. 

His key message to women is clear: If you get pregnant and live in a pro-life state, you should fear for your life. He touts his campaign message as “reproductive freedom,” but what he’s really selling is reproductive fearmongering. His tactic is transparent — scare women so he can claw back votes. 

Despite Biden’s lies, 96 percent of abortions are for non-emergency reasons, involving healthy babies and healthy mothers. A recent study suggests that most of those mothers would have kept their children if they had had financial or emotional security.

So why is the president choosing a message of fear over a financial message of hope for these mothers?  

If you have watched or read the news, you know that their primary focus has been on emergencies during pregnancy in states such as Texas. Without a doubt, these women’s stories are tragic and worthy of our compassion. These are women who desperately want to keep their children, not abort them. Pro-lifers and abortion advocates should always agree that if a pregnant woman’s life is in danger, she needs a medical intervention, even if her child cannot survive it. According to every pro-life state law, all such options are available to save her life, including abortion.

Already, Texas has had 34 such occurrences. But we will not receive such clarity from Biden’s team, because their plan for this year’s election is to scare everyone with three pieces of disinformation: first, that you won’t be able to get birth control; second, that you won’t be treated for a miscarriage; and third, that if you have a life-threatening pregnancy, you won’t survive.

Biden and Harris plan to put hundreds of millions of dollars behind these false claims until every American believes that pregnancy in a pro-life state might as well be a death sentence. 

No matter what they gin up to try and make Biden electable, they can’t obscure the truth. Each year the federal government spends around a billion dollars on birth control. And there is no state, pro-life laws or not, that prohibits a woman from using birth control, nor is there any political movement promoting such a ban.

While we’re at it, the lies around miscarriages really must stop, because they could harm someone. Miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies are not abortions and have always been distinguished from them. As the dictionary defines it, the key distinction is that an abortion is a “deliberate” ending of human life whereas a miscarriage is not. They are not the same, and even Planned Parenthood used to broadcast this reality until about two minutes ago, when its leadership suddenly decided there might be some kind of rhetorical advantage in conflating abortions with miscarriages.

Once again, abortion activists are deliberately creating unclarity in order to spread fear. During the debate over Ohio’s Issue 1 ballot proposition, they falsely claimed that women would not receive care for miscarriages unless it passed. This fearmongering was so pervasive that Ohio’s health department publicly reassured women that they could receive care for miscarriages everywhere in Ohio, if needed. On the social platform X, abortion activists target pro-life women such as Jessa Duggar Seewald who have suffered miscarriages, publicly shaming them and falsely claiming they had abortions.

Finally, the last and loudest lie that the Biden administration projects in conjunction with its activist donors is that pregnant women who face life-threatening pregnancies will die unless abortion on demand is restored everywhere.  

All 24 states with restrictions on abortion allow for pregnant women to access the treatment they need if their life is at risk, even if that means getting an abortion. Everyone on both sides of the aisle should be crystal clear about this. 

However, to the detriment of women, there has been a complete silence from the pro-abortion rights medical associations and boards that inform and train doctors. Their inaction has left doctors in the dark and women to fend for themselves. As a result, women are not getting the informed consent they need, and they’re not being presented with all the emergency options available to them, whether that’s an abortion or another option.

It’s no surprise that Biden and Harris focus their efforts on fearmongering about abortion. After all, abortion is a big business for Democrats, with one prominent group pledging to spend at least  $140 million this year to defeat pro-life candidates.

But Biden and Harris owe it to women to tell the truth about birth control, miscarriages and emergency pregnancies. They must not conflate serious medical emergencies in pregnancy with elective abortions. This administration claims to care, so it should listen to the majority of women who confirm they would keep their child, if they only had the financial or emotional support needed.

Where is the inspirational message of hope for them? Where is the economic plan?

Instead of offering hope and a plan for financial resources, the best Biden has to offer is more fear and more abortions.

Emily Erin Davis is vice president of communications for Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America.

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