The “Gorgeous” Target Cups Shoppers Are Buying 4 of at a Time

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Jessica from the Target Junkie Instagram account posted about the cups on March 3, writing “I couldn’t wait to open this up! These glass parfait cups come in a set of 4 and I love that they’re stackable! The quality is amazing and so beautiful! Perfect for ice cream or any other yummy dessert!!”

Commenters on Jessica’s post immediately agreed, with dozens commenting about how “pretty” the glassware is. Others shared that they already owned two sets or were headed to the site right now to buy some. 

Reviews on agreed, with one writing that they “ordered 4 sets to have 16” and that even though they first purchased the cups for dinner parties, they can see them complementing “any celebration.”

As for the versatility of the cups, “I’ve used them for little dessert dishes but could also use for drinks, displays, snacks,” one Target reviewer said. “They look and feel really high quality, it’s heavy so I’m not worried about them breaking easily. The base is sturdy so they don’t tip.”

If you’re curious about the sturdiness of the cups for everyday use, this reviewer puts that concern to rest: “These parfait cups are absolutely beautiful! They’re not too thin, but still lightweight and sturdy. I easily stack them for easy storage in my cabinet. I plan to use them for individual desserts and ice cream!”

The cups hold 8 ounces each and are dishwasher-safe. The delicate fluting detail complements the rounded base, and while they’re only available at Target, you can shop the item online or in stores. 

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