The “Most Delicious” Costco Dinner Find You’re Overlooking in the Meat Department (It’s Such a Steal!)

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I’ve been a loyal Costco member for over 12 years, and the meat department finds are part of what makes a membership worth it. This month I’m channeling spring by picking up a pack of thick-cut lamb loin chops from Costco. Here’s why I think lamb chops are the very best thing you can buy at Costco this March.

What’s So Great About Costco’s Lamb Chops?

I’m doing all I can to pull my dinners out of the winter doldrums, and few main dishes say spring like savory, juicy lamb chops. Costco’s lamb chops are unparalleled in flavor and quality. They are cut thick enough to develop a deep, gorgeous sear without overcooking the center of the chop.

If you love the flavor of lamb chops, but avoid them because of the cost, I have the best news for you: The lamb loin chops at Costco cost just $5.99 per pound. That’s a fraction of what I’d pay at my regular grocery stores, where they charge from $13 to $22 per pound. Those stores only offer USDA-certified organic lamb chops, which also contributes to their higher price tag, while Costco sells conventionally raised chops. You get eight chops (roughly three pounds), which serve four or more people, for less than $20 total. 

What’s the Best Way to Serve Costco’s Lamb Chops?

Whether this is your first time cooking them or you’re an old pro, start by pan-searing the lamb chops. Rub the chops with fresh thyme and sear until a golden crust develops, then finish with a white wine pan sauce. One of our readers said, “It was unequivocally the best meal I’ve cooked in my 47 years of existence.” 

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