The New $1 Dollar Tree Storage Find That's Flying Off Shelves

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Dollar Tree never ceases to amaze us when it comes to their home products — and their prices. While you may already be heading over there to explore all their adorable new spring decor finds, there’s a new storage solution that’s perfect for making your kitchen clutter-free.

Spotted by Instagrammer @dollartreedollie, the retailer is selling what she calls “gorgeous” clear acrylic storage bins for $1.25 each. The bins have handles on both sides, which make them ideal for fridge organization since you can easily pull out the tray when you need something. “I just went and grabbed a bunch of the acrylic bins,” wrote one commenter. “They are super, super useful.”

Another creator, @homegoodiys, demonstrated the use of the bins by neatly lining one of them with snack packs and another with yogurt, ideal for when you need to quickly grab a snack on the go or if you just want to keep your stash in one place. These would also be perfect for organizing condiments if you run out of room in the built-in trays. (Hey, you can never have too many dressings.)

The bins would also work perfectly for pantry organization as a place to store all your loose granola bars, open snack bags, and pouches of trail mix. Not to mention, if you can grab a bunch of the bins, you can also use them for storing pasta, rice, and other grains that may be piling up in your cabinets. 

My personal favorite solution is for spices. If your spice cabinet or drawer is in shambles — let’s face it, this is true for many of us — you can line up your spices in the tray to have them tidy in one place.

To say the bins are multi-use would be an understatement, so if you happen to spot these in your local Dollar Tree, you’ll want to stock up before they’re gone.

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