The No-Bake Oreo Fluff You’ll Want to Eat Straight Out of the Bowl (It’s Just 4 Ingredients!)

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Lately I’ve been revisiting another no-bake treat I picked up a few years ago on, of all places, a Zoom event. It was hosted by Boba Bam. During the event, Jasmine Pak, a self-described foodie and TikTok creator, shared a series of recipes, including this Oreo Fluff. Since then, I’ve been making this easy, no-bake dessert for friends and family whenever we gather.

What’s So Great About No-Bake Oreo Fluff?

With minimal ingredients — as in, you can count them on one hand — and zero bake time, this creamy Oreo dessert is ideal for summer, when turning on an oven is unthinkable and spending time inside is unimaginable. It’s made with just four ingredients: cream cheese, condensed milk, whipped topping, and classic Oreo cookies (still the best flavor, if you ask us). All are staples I typically have in my home — especially during summer. 

You can add in a packet (or two) of the frozen Boba Bam too for extra sweetness and a chewy bite, but it’s optional. (Although you may want to sip on one as you no-bake.)

Making this dessert requires a little pre-planning, in that you’ll need to set your cream cheese out ahead of time to come to room temperature. From there, the whole thing comes together in minutes.

I blend the cream cheese and condensed milk in a stand mixer until it’s smooth (you can also use a handheld mixer). Then I fold in the whipped topping (try this budget-friendly one from Aldi!) with a spatula a la Moira Rose and add Oreos and stir until it’s all combined. Sometimes I make this the day before to really let the cookies soak up all that creaminess.

If you’re adding the boba, you’ll want to microwave the packet first (according to package instructions) before stirring it in. You can also drain the pearls from a second packet and sprinkle those on top — along with more Oreos.

It’s VERY tempting to eat this straight from the bowl. It’s reminiscent of cookies ‘n cream ice cream, but even more creamy and rich. It also has a nice, light — dare I say — fluffy quality, thanks to the whipped topping. It’s admittedly on the sweet side, which is why I set out small cups for guests to spoon their own servings. (Don’t be surprised if they come back for seconds.) 

What lazy desserts are you making this summer? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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