The Polestar Synergy is the result of a design contest straight out of Hot Wheels

Polestar is a brand that doesn’t need much design help, as its models are regularly regarded as among the most stylish and visually interesting vehicles. Even so, the Swedish automaker partnered with Hot Wheels to host a design contest that yielded more than 600 entries and a wild concept vehicle.

Polestar unveiled the Synergy “electric fantasy supercar” at the IAA 2023 conference in Munich, aka the Munich Auto Show. The car is the result of the three winning design entries in the contest, in which Polestar selected two individuals from outside the company and one from within its ranks. The three winners collaborated with the Polestar Design team over six months to come up with the car you see above.

The car features a single-seat interior with a steering wheel and console that appear to be floating in front of the driver. It very much looks like a fighter jet cockpit, which matches the car’s dramatic exterior shape. That said, there likely isn’t much room for other occupants, as the Synergy is just 3.5 feet tall and 15 feet long, with acres of curvy exterior bodywork. The much more pedestrian Polestar 2 is around the same length but eschews the spaceship look for a more traditional shape, affording plenty of interior space.

A runner-up from Poland had another neat idea involving a stripped-down vehicle structure to create a sustainable go-kart. The artist’s creation was designed to integrate with local power grids when not in use, which honestly sounds just as cool as the futuristic Synergy. Either way, it’s unlikely either vehicle will make it to production, though Polestar could borrow some elements from each for future vehicle production.

Polestar will take the 1:1 scale model on a world tour after its time in Munich. Its first stop will be at the Hot Wheels Legends Tour in El Segundo, Calif., starting October 7, so there will be opportunities to see it in the flesh if that’s on your bucket list.

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