The View’s Behar: At least Haley ‘won’t be governing from cell block 11’

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Joy Behar, co-host of ABC’s “The View,” offered praise for Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley in her campaign against former President Trump on Thursday.

The co-hosts of the talk show reviewed a clip of Haley’s speech at a campaign event in North Charleston, S.C., where she said Trump threw a temper tantrum in his speech after winning the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday.

“I like her,” Behar said, raising questions from the other hosts of the mostly left-leaning show. “I like what Nikki’s doing. I don’t have to approve of everything on her policies.”

“And at least she won’t be governing from cellblock 11,” she added, referencing the mounting civil and criminal cases against the former president.

In her Wednesday speech, Haley said Trump “pitched a fit” and called the former president “insecure.” She challenged Trump to debate her as his only remaining major challenger in the GOP primary.

She questioned why he thought he would win again if he already lost before and touted that she raised a million dollars since making a speech after losing the New Hampshire primary.

In her speech in the Granite State on Tuesday, Haley doubled down in her fight against Trump despite trailing behind him in each of the first two contests of the 2024 GOP primary.

Behar continued her praise of Haley Thursday, saying, “The woman is like serving a purpose the way Chris Christie was serving a purpose.” She said Haley is getting under Trump’s skin, “kicking him, punching him,” and showing the former president’s true colors.

“He’s so like insecure, like she says, and so transparent,” Behar said, echoing Haley’s claims about Trump. “He cannot stand any kind of attack. So the more you needle him and punch him a little bit, you know … the more insecure he gets.”

Trump won both the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary and has set his sights on Nevada and Haley’s home state of South Carolina next.

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