This New Roll-Up Dish Rack Has an Ingenious Feature I’m Obsessed With

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I’ve owned an in-sink dish rack for as long as I can remember. The main reason is because I’ve mostly lived in tiny New York City apartments with small sinks and pretty much no counter space. And because I’m typically meal-prepping and dish-washing for one, an in-sink dish rack is perfectly fine — so why switch? I’ll tell you why: Our Place’s Roll Out Rack. I had the opportunity to test this new, limited-edition release in my kitchen, and not only does it keep my sink tidier, but it’s also multifunctional, which is a huge plus when you have limited space. Plus, it’s got an ingenious feature that I’m obsessed with and plan to use a lot this summer!

What Is Our Place’s Roll Out Rack?

The Roll Out Rack is one of two new limited-edition dish racks from the makers of the Always Pan and my favorite appliance, the Wonder Oven. Their traditional Dish Rack includes a large base tray, small nesting tray, utensil cup, and plate rack, while the Roll Out Rack is an over-the-sink number that comes with a silicone sponge and two removable recycled plastic caddies that can be used to dry utensils or — wait for it — serve as colanders for rinsing and straining smaller produce like berries or chopped fruits and veggies. 

The 20.47-inch by .39-inch by 12.4-inch rack is ideal for drip-drying dishes, pots, and cups, of course, but it can also extend across the sink to serve as a meal-prep station for washing and readying ingredients. Made from silicone-coated stainless steel, the Roll Out Rack is also heat-resistant up to 400°F, so it can act as a trivet for hot cookware And, of course, when it’s not being used for any of these purposes, it can be rolled up and tucked away for easy storage.

Why I Love Our Place’s Roll Out Rack

As I mentioned, the Roll Out Rack keeps my sink area much neater. When I was using a traditional in-sink rack, I rarely bothered to put the cleaned items back in the cabinets or drawers where they belonged and just left them in the rack until the next use (hello, five tablespoons and three mugs!). Now that the washed items are sitting on top of the sink instead of in it, I put them away as soon as they’re dry to keep them out of sight. 

But here’s why I really love the rack: Those small strainers. I eat a lot of fruits like berries and cherries during the summer, and the strainers make it so easy to rinse and dry small portions for snacking or for adding to my oatmeal or cereal in the morning. I no longer need my old handheld mini colander, so there’s one fewer item to wash. While the rack itself is naturally bacteria-resistant, I prefer to use one caddy solely for utensils and the other for produce, just to be safe. 

Priced at $50, the Roll Out Rack is perfect for anyone struggling for extra space in their kitchen. It’s versatile enough to replace a few tools in your arsenal and takes up practically no space when it’s on- or off-duty. And who knows? It might also encourage you to keep your sink area tidier and put away those dishes! 

Our Place’s Roll Out Rack, which comes in their classic Steam color, is only available for a limited time, so get things rolling and grab yours before it’s gone. 

Buy: Our Place Roll Out Rack, $50

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