Today’s Wordle #808 Hints, Clues And Answer For Tuesday, September 5th

Welcome back, dearest Wordlers! I hope you had a lovely Labor Day yesterday, filled with fun and good cheer. We got a lot of house-cleaning done so that we could host some family for a good old-fashioned barbecue. I had some calabacitas I’d made the previous day for game night, so I was able to contribute to the feast without any additional labor—which is good on Labor Day!

In any case, it’s time to Wordle, so let’s cut to the chase, ditch the preamble and dive right in!

How To Solve Today’s Word

The Hint: Arboreal.

The Clue: This word has far more consonants than vowels.




See yesterday’s Wordle #807 right here.

Wordle Bot Analysis

After each Wordle I solve I head over to the Wordle Bot homepage to see how my guessing game was.

Ouch. Easily my worst day in some time. This one really stumped me, despite having a solid opening guess with ocean. I guess I should have begun on land instead! Still, ocean left me with only 76 words to choose from.

Perhaps ironically, I guessed ficus for my second guess—a type of tree. Little did I know that the final answer would also be a tree!

Guess number three was civil, which wasn’t great and I kind of regret it, but I was at a bit of a loss. That slashed my remaining options from 9 to 5, which wasn’t super, but oh well. I guessed witch on 4 and that finally brought the number down to just 1: birch for the win!

Today’s Score

I get -1 for guessing in five and -1 for losing to the Bot, for a grand total of -2. Gosh darn it all to heck!

Today’s Wordle Etymology

The word “birch” has its origins in the Old English word “berce.” It can be traced further back to the Proto-Germanic word ” *berkjon.” The birch tree has a long history of use in various cultures for its wood, bark, and sap, and its name has evolved over time to its current form, “birch.”

Play Competitive Wordle Against Me!

I’ve been playing a cutthroat game of PvP Wordle against my nemesis Wordle But. Now you should play against me! I can be your nemesis! (And your helpful Wordle guide, of course). You can also play against the Bot if you have a New York Times subscription.

Can you solve today’s phrase?

  • Here are the rules:
  • 1 point for getting the Wordle in 3 guesses.
  • 2 points for getting it in 2 guesses.
  • 3 points for getting it in 1 guess.
  • 1 point for beating me
  • 0 points for getting it in 4 guesses.
  • -1 point for getting it in 5 guesses.
  • -2 points for getting it in 6 guesses.
  • -3 points for losing.
  • -1 point for losing to me

You can either keep a running tally of your score if that’s your jam or just play day-to-day if you prefer.

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