Trump: AI 'maybe the most dangerous thing out there'


Former President Trump called artificial intelligence (AI) “maybe the most dangerous thing out there,” during a new interview published on Friday.

Asked by Fox Business Network host Maria Bartiromo about his take on a potential digital central bank digital currency, Trump expressed concern.

“Very dangerous. It’s very dangerous. One day you don’t have any money in your account. It can be a very dangerous thing,” Trump said. “And the other thing that I think is maybe the most dangerous thing out there of anything, because there’s no real solution — the AI as they call it. It is so scary.”

Trump echoed concerns from technology and political observers that in an election year, AI could be used to distort imagery, voices and other forms of media to deceive the public for political purposes.

Last month, a digitally altered robocall created to sound like President Biden urging New Hampshire residents not to vote in Tuesday’s primary sent of alarm bells of the dangers of AI to the voters.

“I saw somebody ripping me off the other day where they had me making a speech about their product,” Trump said. “I said, ‘I’ll never endorse that product.’ You can’t even tell the difference. It looks like I’m actually endorsing it.”

The former president is the front-runner to claim the Republican nomination in 2024 and spoke with Bartiromo this week on a number of issues, primarily relating to the economy.

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