Trump hits Biden on border in campaign vid: ‘You did this Joe’

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Former President Trump released a new campaign ad Friday, targeting President Biden over his recent comments on the border, as the Senate prepares to unveil a tentative bipartisan deal on border security.

The video showed Biden answering a question from a member of the media that asked if there was more he could do to use his executive authority to address the influx of migrants seen arriving at the country’s southern border. Biden responds “I’ve done all I can do,” which repeats throughout the rest of the 30-second ad.

The video is another signal that the border is a critical issue between Trump and Biden, as it becomes increasingly likely that the two presidential front-runners will face off once again in November.

As the border deal negotiations continue in Washington, Trump has slammed the bill as a “catastrophe waiting to happen,” and has urged GOP lawmakers to block the bill in order to deny Biden a legislative win ahead of the election.

Trump, the current GOP front-runner, has denied the idea that he is trying to block his rival from securing the bipartisan deal.

He asserted that he was opposed to the bill for “U.S. reasons” and not political reasons. However, just days prior, the former president told his supporters that he is fine being blamed for tanking the bill that is currently being negotiated in the Senate.

Meanwhile, Biden’s approval rating has dipped as concerns over the border have grown. In a surprising pivot, the president in recent days he has pledged multiple times to “shut down” the border if it becomes “overwhelmed,” but only if he is given the power to do so by Congress.

Biden called the bill, which is still in its draft stages, the “toughest and fairest set of reforms” that the country has ever seen.

The pending legislation is still facing opposition from the GOP-lead House.

Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) said the deal would be “dead on arrival” in the lower chamber and criticized Biden’s team for not allowing him to take immediate executive action without the bill being signed into law.

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