Trump thanks Supreme Court for hearing immunity case

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Former President Trump voiced satisfaction with the Supreme Court agreeing to weigh whether he can be criminally prosecuted for efforts to overturn the 2020 election, with the former president defending his sweeping claims to immunity in the case.

“Legal Scholars are extremely thankful for the Supreme Court’s Decision today to take up Presidential Immunity. Without Presidential Immunity, a President will not be able to properly function, or make decisions, in the best interest of the United States of America,” Trump wrote on Truth Social on Wednesday.

“Presidents will always be concerned, and even paralyzed, by the prospect of wrongful prosecution and retaliation after they leave office. This could actually lead to the extortion and blackmail of a President,” he added.

The Supreme Court on Wednesday agreed to take up the case in an order that will for now keep Trump’s Jan. 6 criminal trial proceedings on hold. The order included an expedited schedule for the case, with the court setting up oral arguments during the week of April 22.

Trump had previously urged the Supreme Court to delay the federal election subversion criminal trial as he appealed a ruling that found he does not have immunity from the charges. Special counsel Jack Smith had asked the Supreme Court to reject Trump’s request to delay the trial over his appeal.

The former president and his legal team have argued that Trump should have presidential immunity from four federal felony charges he is facing in the special counsel’s election interference case against him. Trump has pleaded not guilty.

Trump continued to echo those arguments in another social media post on Wednesday evening.

“A President has to be free to determine what is right for our Country without undue pressure. If there is no Immunity, the Presidency, as we know it, will ‘no longer exist.’ Many actions for the benefit of our Country will not be taken,” the former president wrote.

“This is in no way what the Founders had in mind. Legal Experts and Scholars have stated that the President must have Full Presidential Immunity. A President must be free to make proper decisions. His mind must be clear, and he must not be guided by the fear of retribution!” he added.

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