Ultra-bespoke Bentleys cater to world explorers

In what seems to be the automakers’ persistent quest to attract customers for reasons that go beyond RPMs, steering ratios and miles per gallon, Bentley is a lap ahead.

Grounded as a company that fashions “bespoke” machines to elite buyers, the Brits, generally reserved, have gone uncharacteristically agog this time with their “Extraordinary Journeys Collection”: SUVs “inspired by invigorating travel, nature, and well-being” that “connect mind, body and soul.”

No mention of crankshafts or rim sizes in Bentley’s announcement about the five differently appointed models of the Bentayga Azure SUV created by its specialty division, the Mulliner Studio. Let them explain:

“Whether the journey took you to the mountains, lakes, desert or snow, the designers have used materials, colours, finishes, and unique details to produce this travel-inspired collection to infuse the sense of adventure into your everyday drive.  The collection comprises of five refined, characterful, and tranquil individual journeys: New Mexico, Scandinavia, China, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.”

There’s no mention of price now, but Bentley does offer to “register interest” through its website for potential buyers interested in the cars and for travelers in participating in one of the company’s sponsored itineraries.

Extraordinary Journeys Collection 2 UK

Here’s a look at the car inspired by the UK … and it’s not British Racing Green (except on the inside). “Alpine Green satin paint and Grey satin wheels,” and a selection of greens on the inside, dominated by, as mentioned, British Racing Green, “evocative of Bentley’s winning heritage in endurance racing and the rakish Bentley Boys who brought about those hard-fought victories – and also Cumbrian Green, which brings to mind the Lake District.” Got that.

Extraordinary Journeys Collection 2 ChinaExtraordinary Journeys Collection 1 China

Moving east — Far East — is the China Bentayga, fashioned in “Arabica exterior paint with Pale Brodgar silver wheels and an interior rendered in Linen-coloured hide with Burnt Oak, Odyssean tweed accents, Gold Green stone veneer  and Piano Burnt Oak veneer to the centre console.” A dictionary may be helpful here.

Extraordinary Journeys Collection 1 New MexicoExtraordinary Journeys Collection 3 New 

The New Mexico edition might not evoke downtown Albuquerque, but it’s supposed to “represent ruggedness and reverence, with a connection to the ancient world.” There’s “warm browns and tans; Amber over Burnt Oak duo-tone paintwork and body-coloured wheels, with a tailored palette of Saddle, Camel, and Coral inside and Copper Stone veneer.”

You can check out the gallery at the top of the post to see the entries for New Zealand and Scandinavia.

The Bentayga Azure is impressive even without the pricey Mulliner touches. It’s available with either a 4.0-liter V8 engine, or a hybrid combining a V6 petrol engine with an electric motor. The V8 scoots from 0-to-60 in 4.4 seconds, and there’s tons of customization possibilities, as is usually the case with Bentley.

There’s more “extraordinary” details to find here.

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