VW, Audi recall 260,000 cars to address fuel leak and fire risk

Volkswagen and Audi are recalling more than 261,000 Golf-based cars from the 2015 through 2020 model years over a fire risk stemming from a potentially defective seal in the fuel pump, which is located inside the tank. If this seal fails, fuel can flow into the evaporative emissions system, contaminate the charcoal canister and eventually leak out through its filter element. Not only will this result in issues with the emissions system, but it can allow fuel vapors to enter places they’re not wanted. 

The recall covers these models:

“Due to a manufacturing issue, seal rings inside the suction jet pump in the fuel tank were assembled with too much tension during the manual process,” VW’s recall report said. 

When the seal in question fails, it can divert fuel directly into the EVAP system, where it can accumulate and eventually leak. If drivers notice the smell of gasoline around their cars with no obvious evidence of a spill after refueling, this could be a sign that their pump seals have failed. Owners may also experience problems at the gas pump, which may shut off before the tank is full. 

If feel like you’ve heard this one before, no, you’re not crazy. A selection of these cars was recalled way back in 2016 for the same problem. In some instances however, the cars subject to the earlier recall received a replacement pump of the same design; VW will replace those pumps with the updated revision. 


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